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Britain is a democratic country and very excepting of peoples religions and faiths. Jews build synagogues and kosher their foods as well as open kosher food stores Orthodox Jews should therefore also not have any problems with wearing the Tallit or going to synagogue. Judaism has been practiced for many centuries, so why should moving to Britain be any different.Some of the countries that the Jews have been practicing in have become violent and yet Jews have continued to practice their faith, some even dying as a consequence (World war two, war in Palestine). Britain is not violent at all comparatively, making it much easier to be a Jew in Britain. There may be still anti Semitic people in Britain even though much of it is concealed. This means that Orthodox Jews would not have to worry about much violence or prejudice towards them.Yet anti Semitic people may still direct violence towards Jewish people. This could cause problems if Orthodox Jews want to practice Also some of the practices that Orthodox Jews have to follow may be hard to fulfil in many modern jobs. Shabbat is one such of those festivals. Some bosses would not be understanding enough to allow their Orthodox Jewish workers home early every Friday. For some jobs, such a doctor celebrating Shabbat may not be a possibility, as you may be needed at the hospital. This would mean that working on Shabbat would be a necessity.Duty, therefore overrides Shabbat. Some schools and work places do not allow people to wear the Tallit or any other form of religious clothing, which could cause problems. It may be harder for an Orthodox Jew to teach their children the traditions of Judaism as the child may believe that the traditions that they are upholding are out-dated. They have been brought up in a completely different environment. In a country where everyone is taught that all people are equal a child may not believe it a requirement to marry a person that is Jewish. These issues do seem to be having an impact on the Orthodox Jewish community in England as “marrying out”s a problem.I think it is difficult for an Orthodox Jew to practice their religion properly in Britain but the same would apply in any other country. If Orthodox Jews truly wanted to practice their religion then it should not make any difference where they are.

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