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How can the Global warming affect the lives of the people? How it happened? And how it can be solved? These were some of the questions rotating in our minds. We can now observe how climate change affects our environment. There are times where we should experience summer but instead we experience winter. It’s so obvious that mother earth is getting older and older and all we need to do is to take good care of it. Summer is almost unbearably hot with occasional bursts of rain. Not the kind that we enjoyed when we’re younger.

There is severe drought in some parts of the Philippines, relentless rains in some, replica storms coming in stronger, leaving us stunned and obliging our government to improve emergency response protocols, cold and hot seasons going extreme affecting the agriculture sector. Fish kill. The biggest and worst we’ve seen in so many years. What is happening? In recent years we have been hearing the phrase “global warming”. And we thought that it is happening only in faraway countries.

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We never really took notice. I guess you can’t expect most Filipinos, when just getting food on the table and stretching our salary until the next payday is a struggle. While the solons are too busy eating media mileage and jumping in to the hottest issue until a more interesting one comes along. Then we are barraged with all these unfortunate events. Suddenly we are aware. Effects Of global warming in the Philippines are evident and we have to adapt and take action, in our own Filipino ways. ” I.

INTRODUCTION “Global warming takes place when the temperature in earth’s atmosphere rises above its average level. It is caused by pollution due to emissions from fossil fuels which include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. Over population and industrial revolution are also factors. Together they create greenhouse effect which causes global warming. Global warming disrupts the nature’s process, and like a domino effect, messes up the whole cycle. Global Warming is one of the most talked and campaigned about issues of the 21 SST century.

We all know that it is an undeniable fact that while the world population is increasing, the pollution is also increasing in a larger ratio. Many countries successfully implemented “Green” policies, to protect our environment and our future. These policies are increasingly being implemented in Central Europe in countries such as Germany. Recycling garbage, plastic, and even old appliances belongs to the strict regimen. Other policies such as fines imposed on littering, burning of waste or leaves, and even the encouragement of collective transportation have been imposed.

Unfortunately, the Philippines cannot brag about any environmental policies in any way. It is indeed true that a Waste Management Act has been implemented, yet if we look at our everyday lives; the sad reality comes crushing down on us Filipinos. We barely care for our environment. We see wrappers all over what should have been a green environment. We see people burning their garbage in their homes and on the streets. We even love to shower ourselves with the abundance of fresh water, which could have been saved.

All of these things do not really imply that the Philippines is really affected by global warming, rather it seems that Philippines plays a big role as a contributor in global warming. It is analyzed that many people believe that so called greenhouse gases that emit CO into the atmosphere which causes the rays of the sun to be kept within the earth atmosphere for a longer time, since it bounces back. This causes an increase of temperature, which in turn causes more natural catastrophes.

Although this is the main cause of global warming, there is yet another cause, which has something to do with the cycle of our Sun. Every ten to twelve years, the sun is in its peak and vice versa. The peak is the solar maximum, which means that this is when the sun is the hottest and emits more solar storms than ever. This period should be the solar maximum of the sun, since the last was in the ass. This is also an important factor that contributes to global warming. ” Ill.

METHODS In this study we use the method of gathering information were in we get some related info about curbing global warming from books, magazines and internet. This method was much easier to use unlike any other methods. After the gathering of information in different references we analyze the data’s and therefore conclude a result about the topic” IV. RESULTS “Let us look into what the Philippines are contributing in positive and negative ways; Our National Capital Region is clearly overpopulated and packed with vehicles. As we know, the air pollution problem is very much present in

Metro Manila and the quality of our motor vehicles is far inferior than to those in first world countries. Our cars and motorcycle’s emit far more CO than the refined ones abroad, which adds up to the worlds total in a significant way. Even though we produce far less CO than USA or China, we have to acknowledge that our country is an archipelago and a developing country, and putting those two factors together, our greenhouse gas emissions do make a difference. These were some of the reason the Philippines are contributing in the global warming.

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