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In “Bend it Like Beckham,” Jesminder Bhamra (who goes by “Jess” and is played by Parminder K. Nagra), a girl of Indian origin who has grown up in London. Unlike her sister, who is ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps by marrying a nice Indian boy and settling down in the role that Indian girls are supposed to settle into, Jess has other plans for her life.It only takes a glance into her room to tell what it is, too, her adorning walls are posters, pictures and cut outs of the most valued footballer, great David Beckham. She’s arranged all of these pictures into a mosaic to stare at, even going out of her way to talk to it about her dreams of soccer stardom.The main idea of the film is about Jess’ obsession with playing football and that it is hampered by her families’ equally obsessive attempts to prevent her from straying from her cultural roots.Jesminder Bhamra is still stuck between Barbie dolls and handsome men. Jess is represented as young Asian British indoors but as she steps out to the “real world” she changes into a British Asian. In the film Jess is shown as an immature child who slowly transforms; she grasps maturity and evolves into a new ‘sexual’ woman. (Meaning; before she thought boys were footballs – just to be played with, and looking pretty was for sissies, but now Jess makes and effort to look beautiful; and not only does she think about the real world instead of just football, but also shows interest in boys. Slowly without realising she falls in love with their Irish coach Joe, when she’s on the brink of adulthood. It first starts with a crush and then builds up to something romantic although they have to be discrete because of Jules).Despite the fact that Jess and her family are traditional Sikhs; Jess is not very religious, as she looks up to her idol David Beckham as her God. However Jess not being very religious doesn’t show that she doesn’t like her religion. She just has to develop herself in order to be mature and responsible in the two societies; which are Asian and British. Jess’ main interests are football, football, football and more football. To her boys and looking beautiful are alien; this is because Jess hasn’t experienced it herself although they surround her.Jess is deprived from playing football because her parents want her to be a ‘proper Indian girl’. Her parent’s only want what’s best for her and by doing this they are protective and controlling. They are protective by not allowing Jess to play football and mixing with other races. There are many reasons for this because in their time it was each race sticking together, everyone was divided into their own communities and separated. Another major issue they had to fight was racism – the two races that were attacked by this were the Asians ; Blacks. Jess can’t play football because her father experienced racism when he tried out for the English cricket team; they just cursed him and threw him out. He doesn’t want Jess to experience any of it despite the fact that times have changed dramatically. Mr Bhamra hasn’t noticed the pleasant changes. (Towards the end of the film Mr Bhamra accepts Jess’ dream of becoming a worthy footballer).

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