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WordDefinition Health 1The combination of your physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being Wellness 1An overall state of well being or total health Lifestyle Factors 1Personal behaviors and habits related to the way a person lives, that help determine his or her level of health Prevention 1Practicing healthy habits to keep a person well and free from disease and other ailments. Health Education 1The providing of accurate health information in such a way as to influence people to change attitudes so that they take positive action about their health.

Health Literacy 1Health literacy describes an individual’s capacity to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information and services and use such information and services in a way (s) that promote his or her health or wellness. Heredity 2All the traits and properties that are passed along biologically from both parents to the child. Environment-2The sum total of you surroundings- your family, where you grew up, where you live now, and all of your experiences Peers-2People the same age who share a similar range of interest. Culture-2*The collection of beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group. Risk Factors-3Actions or behaviors that represent a potential health threat or result in Values 3Beliefs and standards of conduct that you find important. Abstinence 3Voluntarily choosing not to do something. Health Continuum 2The health continuum shows that your health is on a sliding scale with many degrees of health in wellness in between. No one’s place on the continuum is permanent. Most people fall just below the wellness point. Physical Environment 2All the places you go in a given day and the physical conditions in which you live.

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Social Environment 2The people in your life; friends, family, classmates, co-workers, peers Cultural Environment 2*The collection of Beliefs, Customs, and behaviors of a group. * Cumulative RisksRisks that increase gradually and may add up to a total that is greater than expected. Positive Role ModelsRole models are peers, or others that a young person looks up to. Responsible, Productive Citizen **A health literate person acts in a way that promotes the health of the community, nation, and the world at large. He/She chooses safe, healthful, and legal behaviors that keep with the family guidelines.

Self Directed Learner**A self-directed learner is able to gather and use accurate, current health information throughout life. This includes the wealth of information available through newspapers, magazines, modern technology- including computers fax, and television. Effective Communicator**One who has the ability to express their knowledge, beliefs, and ideas in a variety of forms. Behavior ImpactThe way you choose to act within your environment and with your inherited abilities has a very important impact on who you are. **= Being Health Literate From Glencoe Health Book

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