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I am here today to tell you people of Fair Verona what happened on this day that ended up with Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, and Tybalt loosing their lives. These were children of the Capulets and the Montagues and also people who associated with the Capulets and the Montagues. The actions that led up to this were simply that Romeo and Mercutio wanted to have some fun and went to the Capulet party uninvited they thought they wouldn’t be recognized because it was a dress up party.Tybalt was the first to notice Romeo and wanted to kill him on the spot because he is a Montague and wasn’t supposed to be at the party but Mr. Capulet didn’t allow it because of all the quests. Tybalt swore that he will have his revenge and challenged Romeo to a one on one gun fight Romeo who didn’t want to fight simply because he was in love with Tybals cousin Juliet who he fell in love with at the Capulet party. Romeo was trying to tell Tybalt that there like family now and that theirs no need for fighting but this made Tybalt even angrier because the Capulets and the Montagues don’t mix.Tybalt started kicking Romeo and asking for a gunfight. Romeo was on his knees begging but all it got him was kicks to the head. Then Mercutio steeped in to help his friend Romeo because he couldn’t bare to watch him getting kicked. He was shot by Tybalt and ended up dead this filled Romeo up with anger because all he wanted was peace between the two families and he got his best friend killed in return.Romeo full of anger chased Tybalt in a car chase, which ended up with Romeo killing Tybalt, which later got Romeo, banished from Fair Verona. Juliet then was ordered to married Paris on Thursday she didn’t want to because shies already married to Romeo. Friar Lawrence made a potion which would make Juliet sleep for 48 hours making everyone think shies dead. Meanwhile Friar Lawrence would send Romeo a letter stating that Juliet isn’t dead and that when she awakes they can escape together. Then things went wrong Romeo never got the letter from Friar Lawrence saying that Juliet is alive he went crazy thinking shies dead and goes on and buys a bottle of poison that would even kill you if you had the strength of 20 men.He then went to the church where Juliet was sleeping at the time and drank the poison just as she was waking up and only left Juliet to see him dying she then killed her self with a gun because she had nothing to live for since Romeo died. Now that both families lost their only children through stupid hatred many people would think that its about time that the Capulet and the Monague should be united as friends.

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