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Tourism Industry is the fast growth and the most popular industry in the universe. Tourism is the chief factor in Thailand. However, the political force in Bangkok can truly impact the figure of tourer from several states. It decreased significantly by an norm of 12,000 – 14, 000 over normal in the period of 18-24 May, 2010. The Royal Thai Government has provided full support to retrieve touristry industry which is highly of import to Thailand ‘s economic system. Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT ) expects 14 million foreign tourers to see Thailand in 2011 ( TAT, 2010 ) .

Bangkok is one of the most of import tourer finishs because it offers great assortment attractive forces such as saloons and bars, eating houses, temples etc. Spa is one of the most popular services for the tourers. Nowadays, people of all age realize their wellness and health, so they are get downing to hold higher demands continuously that push up them to take part in new life styles such as spa visits. Therefore, this allows the spa houses to develop new merchandise and services to finish their desires.

Spas in Bangkok are now a great portion of the lively civilization of the metropolis uniting interventions from East and West and showing interventions from around the universe. There are four sorts of spa runing Day watering place, Medical watering place, Destination watering place and Hotel watering place. Thai watering place industry has grown well over the past 5 old ages since advancing itself as the Spa Capital of Asia. However, the tourers have assortment picks of watering place because several states are well-known in watering place every bit good such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia and etc. Therefore, Thai watering place industry has to develop itself in order to do it different from other states. Development is one of the major solutions that spa concern can make ( Latumahina, 2006 ) .

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This research explores and measures Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook of watering place in Bangkok. It will be compare between Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ demand. Therefore, this paper provides the information of their satisfaction and outlook in order to assist bettering the watering place industry to carry through their satisfaction and outlook.

Clear rubric of undertaking

A survey of Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook of watering place in Bangkok

Concise statement of research job

Presents, Thai watering place industry still has failing. For illustration, the figure of staff and directors are rather limited and the basic cognition of linguistic communication is instead non good doing pass oning job to foreign clients. Additionally, terrorist in the three southern boundary line states influence to domestic touristry, particularly spa concern. Governments in many states warn their citizen non to come to Thailand. Therefore, watering place traders in Bangkok need the strong schemes to recover the tourers ‘ trust. The tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook are of import to the watering place industry to understand and develop themselves in the right manner.

Undertaking aim ( s )

To cognize the Western and Asiatic tourer ‘ satisfaction and outlook toward watering place utilizing in term of topographic point, price/ publicity, product/service, physical grounds and people

To compare between Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook toward watering place utilizing in footings of topographic point, price/ publicity, product/service, physical grounds and people

To compare the degree of Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ outlook in footings of demographic factors toward watering place utilizing

To compare Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook in 4 sorts of watering place, Day spas, Medical watering place, Destination watering place and Hotel spas utilizing

To compare how different between Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook toward utilizing in term of topographic point, price/ publicity, product/service, physical grounds and people

Conceptual model

Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ demographics





Spas in Bangkok

Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ outlook

Development Schemes


Future Research

Scheme to develop watering place


Further research

Western tourers ‘ satisfaction/dissatisfaction


Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction/dissatifacion

Consequence analysis

Figure 1 Conceptual Frameworks

The Scope and definition of the survey

Many writers give definition for watering place ; for illustration, watering place are entities devoted to heightening overall wellbeing through a assortment of professional services that encourage the reclamation of head, organic structure and spirit ( SPA Association, 2000 ) . Clark indicates that spas come in four types. They are the retreat watering place, the resort watering place, the twenty-four hours watering place and the salon or mini watering place ( 2005 ) . In add-on, Sarnoff indicates that watering place can be classified into 7 types harmonizing to American Spa Association ( 1989 ) .

This research will larn about Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook go oning in Bangkok watering place. Besides, the questionnaire will be provided to spa receptionists to give Western and Asiatic tourers to make full them. This research will concentrate on Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook of watering place in Bangkok including place/location, price/promotion, product/service, physical grounds and people.


Western and Asiatic tourer ‘ satisfaction is the feedback of them after acquiring the watering place service in Bangkok and it shows the success and the effectivity of the concern in term of reacting.


First, harmonizing to decreasing of travellers in Bangkok set uping to the clients to utilize watering place, the research worker might acquire short lists of watering place clients in carry oning the study.

Second, European and Asiatic clients utilizing watering places do non desire to take part in questionnaires.

Third, the clients do non pay attending to the questionnaires. They merely want to complete questionnaires rapidly.

Fourthly, some clients do non understand English good, so it makes the research worker do non acquire precisely answer.

Human Ethical motives Considerations

The European and Asiatic clients will non be forced to reply the questionnaires, but the research worker will inquire them courteously. For the questionnaires, they do non incorporate sensitive information or the inquiry inquiring truly secret information.

Practical significance

This research provides Western and Asiatic tourers ‘ satisfaction and outlook of watering place. It will be helpful to understanding clients and carry throughing their demand right. Therefore, this research can help people as the followerss ;

Spa investors can utilize this research to develop their watering place because they know clients ‘ demand.

Government can back up watering place concern proper ways because this research includes failing of watering place as good.

Students or research workers who study in relate Fieldss can utilize the research as basic information.

Related concern investors such as hotel investors can turn out their concern accommodating clients.

Background Information

Although spa industry is fast turning, it has faced troubles in run intoing the market demand for academic teachers, preparation schools, and experts. Nowadays, spa instruction and preparation being provided in Bangkok comes from developing centres or in-house preparation section in 90 % . Furthermore, 90 % of watering place healers get knowledge from their co-workers and their work experience. Therefore, spa industry is risk to spa clients who are incognizant of the state of affairs. The mainly job is the deficiency of an official watering place industry organisation which is able to put industry criterions and to attest spa healers meet the planetary criterion.

Literature Review

Datas Required

This research is methodological analysis of the survey which would be categorized into research instrument, variables, informations aggregation, information analysis, and population and sample size.

Datas Beginnings

The information beginnings in this research include two parts. First, the information is from watering place clients both Western and Asian in Bangkok. Second, literature reviewed which supplying in diary, book, cyberspace, healers, and watering place companies.

Data aggregation techniques

Data aggregation was the procedure of capturing or roll uping informations in the intent of happening information for doing a decision of the consequence and achieve of the aim ( Zigmund, 2003 ) . This research will roll up the informations straight from watering place clients utilizing interview and questionnaires. However, interview and questionnaires is misdirecting because they are used in many surveies that would non run into the definition of study research ( Salant, 1994 ) .

Datas Analysis

Data Analysis defined as the procedure of taking the information collected to make an analytical procedure in order to happen the consequence and do a decision for the research ( Zikmund, 2003 ) . In this research usage both description statistical analysis including frequence, mean, per centum, and SD to analyse roll uping through questionnaire and illative statistical analysis utilizing the consequence of hypothesis. For illustration, different sex, age and business consequence to outlook and satisfaction.











W 10

W 11

W 12

W 13

W 14

Subject Proposal


Datas and literature aggregation




Questionnaire design



Research proposal digest




Research proposal submit


Questionnaire distribution






Data analyze





Research study digest




Research study submit



Salant P, Dillman DA ( 1994 ) , How to Conduct Your Own Survey.

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Questionnaire No. : _____

Camp name: ___________

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