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In my opinion, the article IS structured in a very effective manner: it first presents what would happen if the situation will not change, and then revises some examples Of what has already happened with some species. The first part of the article mainly focuses on ongoing changes connected with the global warming and possible scenario of what these changes will entail. Climate change is disrupting natural ecosystems in a way that is making life better for infectious diseases and scientists believe that just a one- or two-degree change in temperature can lead to disease outbreaks.

It is very reasonable because they also found some pathogens reproduce more often n warmer temperatures, so there are more germs around to cause infection. The author warns that malaria and yellow fever may become more common as milder winters permit the seasonal survival of more mosquitoes, which carry these diseases and climate warming could enable them to move into areas where the cold once kept them out. Also we can meet in the last part of the article some examples of effects occurred. For instance, coral reefs in many parts of the world are becoming bleached and dying, killed by pathogens that thrive in the warming seas.

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Or a parasite that kills Monarch terrifies can survive only at warm temperatures and the warming climate has allowed the parasite to spread. Regard to the dangers faced by some species of animals, the article lists the excellent examples and it gives us to understand the inevitability of what is happening to them. However, would like to note that the anxious tone about humans that the article sets a little justified. The problem with global warming and disease, threaten humanity, is not that it would create more powerful diseases, it would just increase the range that these diseases can spread to.

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