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The intent of this essay is to allow the reader know that there are some factors that affect environment about and far off from the location of an event, and besides measure any challenge that may go on when covering with this environment job in the event direction industry.

The range of this essay is limited and non concentrating on one certain event merely, but merely speak about some sort of events by and large without discuss those events profoundly. The analysis is conducted by acquiring the illustration of some events and analyzes why those sorts of events may assist or even damage the environment. While on measuring the challenge, this essay finds the challenge and remark the value of them. The most of import and important findings is when the effects of an event to the environment may caused pollution by direct and indirect ways.

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However there is happening about the good side of an event to its environment. And some challenge for this issue is about how to work out, educate, and maintain the procedure in order to acquire this environment issue fulfilled.


First of all we must cognize the definition of event itself. Based on Allen, O’Toole, Harris & A ; Mcdonnell ( 2005 ) province that event is certain ceremonial, act, presentation or testimonial that are deliberately designed, programmed and created to keep certain occasions or else acquire any benefit in cultural, societal, and the end of concern.

We can see the different types of events such as athletics events, festivals, carnivals, parades, market, trade shows, until merely a meeting ( Arcodia, 2009 ) . And based on the size we can see from merely local communities with local people as audiences to mega-events in which the audience is from around the universe ( Allen, O’Toole, Harris & A ; Mcdonnell, 2005.In this essay I explore the reply for issues that will be discussed.

The range of this essay is about issues in the consequence that an event can be caused, either in societal, economic, and besides environment. Not merely the affects it selves but besides this essay cover the subjects in measuring the challenges that may happen to environment direction industry. I focus on placing environments factors that set uping events by offering analysis to it. Besides in this essay I set the bound about the sort of events into merely festival, cultural events, and societal events, so the chances of the individual who reads are limited and as a consequence this met their outlook since that this essay merely talked about something in broad range, non in item.When we talk about environment effects of an event, we can non be far from pollution.

Pollution is the biggest issue of all time that every authorities must confront in order to protect their environment. Based on curry and Moutinho ( 1992 ) that said “ the relationship between touristry and environment is a symbiotic relationship in sense that conservational country, wild life, and saving of sites and memorials of historical involvement frequently a response to touristry demand but have the consequence of stimulating and keeping the flow of visitants to that part, ” authorities cares about the environment because they can acquire net income from touristry sector. So that in specifying any effects in this essay, I divide the effects into two parts. The first is the negative consequence of an event to the environment, and the following 1 is the positive consequence of an event to the environment. Then based on those negative effects I will split it into two parts as good.

The direct negative consequence of an event to environment and besides the indirect negative consequence of an event are that parts. After that there are some challenges about environment caused by consequence of events in event direction industry.432 words


First we will speak about the negative effects of an event to the environment. Just like I stated in the debut, this negative effects are divided into two classs, the direct negative effects and indirect negative effects every bit good. The significance of negative is already known, it can be something bad, awful, non proper and many more, but the significance of direct negatives consequence in this essay is about any bad effects that may happen as the consecutive consequence of an event to its environment that semen from the waste and material emanation of the event itself. Then I will place some certain events that give direct negative consequence to the environment and analyse why that events may do those harm. The first event is Taiwan lantern festival which held every twelvemonth when about 1000s of Chinese light balloon of lantern that made from oil-soaked in folded paper and so put it in high pole. This caused the dust from that lantern to litter the environment and one twenty-four hours this set a fire near Taiwan International Airport, therefore make immense sum of cloud and subsequently on many flight is cancelled temporarily.

Those fumes may incorporate carcinogenic chemicals and besides benzine that are harmful for people ‘s wellness and besides becomes pollutant that may damage environment ( Adam, 2008 ) . Similar with lantern festival is Floating Lantern Festival in Chiang may where the use of old manner natural stuff made from banana bole with the foliages stick in the bole is replaced by Styrofoam that ensuing in the river Bankss, pools, and Parkss being littered and obstructed. This lead to interrupt environment since the cleaning up advancement may devour more clip. ( Jonal, 2009 ) .

The following event is Diwali festival that held in India that consist with spliting crackers. This event may foul air since the crackers may let go of toxic gases. The 3rd illustration is about Bourgas festival in Bulgaria. In that festival, people build seven phases and so makes collapsible shelter in sea garden park which ensuing everlasting and important effects to its animate beings and workss. The consequence is going worse every twelvemonth.

This harm to environment chiefly caused by that building, mass sum of people with collapsible shelters, and the hapless of storage bin with hapless public toilet installations as good ( Illiev, 2009 ) . The last illustration of direct consequence to environment is the Ganesh Festival in Western India. In this festival, large doll is created utilizing plaster of Paris and noxious metals which are destructive substance and so coated with pigments that may incorporate Cd, quicksilver, and C. All of this doll is put into H2O that ensuing in the lessening of O degree in the H2O which subsequently on may take to unsafe wellness for homo who eat any fish that contaminated in that H2O. This festival is clearly polluted the H2O with the ecosystem within it ( Nita, 2007 ) . However, pollution is non restricted merely to material pollution but, “ Ill designed hotels and other tourer installation edifices, and inadequate or inappropriate landscape gardening, create ocular pollution in an country ” , ( Kaur & A ; Batra, 1996 )Now we go to the indirect negative consequence of an event to its environment.

The significance of this indirect consequence is any effect from the public presentation of an event that ensuing in the harm of environment by people activity that they did in order to be able to take part in that event. Peoples do everything they could to take part in any certain festivals, athletics events, and more events or they merely become witnesss in that event. By making that thing, realized or non they have been take parting in the devastation of environment. Peoples do n’t recognize when they littering in the country where the events was held. It is still all right if authorities or official clean up the muss, but the job occurred when the muss is non rapidly being cleaned as it may foul the environment. They even do n’t recognize that when they go to an event, they use vehicle such as autos, planes, and even ships which all of them is participate in fouling any land, H2O, and air. The bigger a festival is, the more people will come all around the universe.

For case is Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts which is the biggest music festival in the universe. Many humanistic disciplines performed at that place such as music, humanistic disciplines, nightclub, and dance ( Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, 2009 ) . Bing the biggest in the universe, we can conceive of how many people from different contingents in this universe travel merely to England where the event took topographic point. Most people must be use planes, ships, and even autos.

In Vietnam, many different states in Europe, U.S. , and Asia are take parting Hue cultural festival that have touristry, purchase and sell and investing carnival that participated by qualified local and foreign concern ( Viet Nga Tourism, 2008 ) .

With so many foreign states participate in, we can presume that more different part of people will come to Vietnam. The other events that contain many different states are when 15 states attend Asian-African Children Art and Culture Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia. Even the commission expected up to 25 states will convey their deputation to go to humanistic disciplines public presentation, games, and storytelling ( Zhao, 2009 ) . Of class it is non every bit large as Glastonbury festival that may go to by million people or more, but this events still makes people around the universe go by plane that participated in air pollution that damage the environment. At this minute I will analyse why autos, planes, and ships that all of them are used by people to go to any events is damaging the environment.

Pollution from auto is the most pollution that people committed. Any emanation from auto is give bad consequence to the driver and people around that auto. Climate alteration is the duty of auto every bit good since the engines create nursery gas accretion. The alteration in clime may bring forth utmost conditions that lead to failure in production of works Fieldss ( Environmed Research, Inc. , 2009 ) . Global clime alteration besides worsen by plane that some people belief that it produce more chief nursery gas than autos each clip since it produce carbon dioxide more in norm. Annual planetary heating every bit large as Africa Island was besides produced by planes ( Kirby,2000 ) .

And eventually is the ship pollution that worsens the environment status. It makes noise that bother natural universe, its ballast armored combat vehicle destroy algae and animate beings while sometimes it produce illegal waste to the sea. Its sulphur oxide makes acid rain that subsequently on harm harvests and when its ‘ inhaled by people lead to bosom onslaught. Furthermore Cruise ship that people tend usage to keep some events like festival, concert abroad it or merely as a transit installation to go to any event in different island.

Cruise ship produce solid sewerage, oily bilge, and of class air pollutants ( Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. , 2009 ) .When we talk about positive consequence of an event to its environment, we talk about any good thing that may assist and forestall the environment from harm. The first illustration is about Tzu Chi bazar of nutrient held in Medan, Indonesia. This bazar ‘s net income will be allocated to the development of any ruin edifice caused by temblor in Padang. Furthermore in this bazar that sold vegetarian nutrient, and environment friendly tools, people must convey their ain recycle bag because in this bazar forbid any fictile bag that might damage the environment ( Redaksi Web, 2009 ) .

Other positive event is Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign which backed by Kenyan conservationist, Prince of Monaco, and ICRAF. This run rehabilitates million hectares of land by seting billion of trees that will convey back dirt and H2O resources, ecosystem of wood that subsequently on cut down planetary heating by keep the C dioxide degree in the air ( West,2009 ) . Based on The Nature Conservancy ( 2009 ) , Nature conservancy run to assist protect coral reefs besides can be a positive consequence for environment. That run is merely similar with 1000 island conservancy event in Indonesia that start everything about Hawksbill Turtle from hatching, rise uping, tagging, and let go ofing that can be joined by general people ( Pulau, 2008 ) .

Then if we want to measure the challenge that provided to this environment issue in event direction industry, we must cognize the challenge itself. The chief challenge of class is how to forestall and cut down the pollution that occurs from the jubilation of events. Many ways can be done to forestall the pollution, such when held Taiwan Lantern festival, people can utilize practical parody alternatively of existent fire.

Peoples can follow the regulation non to littering and leave no hint run that they must clean up any muss that occurs because of them. Make permutation for event belongingss such as doll made from natural friendly stuff can assist protect the environment every bit good. In order to cut down the auto pollution is by purchasing fuel-efficient autos, use bio-fuel gasolene, and do non drive a auto in frequently clip ( Environmental Defense Fund, 2009 ) . To cut down plane pollution is by non winging into close distance of finish ; travel to event near to place and utilize teleconferencing engineering in malice of usage flight for concern ( Kirby, 2000 ) . And eventually in order to cut down and protect the H2O pollution, any ships are supposed to hold good direction in recycling or keep the waste, and they must utilize bio-fuel to cut down air pollution. Urban green touristry can assist to cut down the pollution with more natural friendly program.

“ By extension, viridity could besides be read as sustainable or healthy and UGT is so approximately ecological, cultural, and economic nutriment for the good wellness of people and their environment ” ( Gibson, Dodds, Joppe & A ; Jamieson, 1992 ) . The 2nd challenge to this industry is whose duty for the environmental harm this is. This is non merely single attendant, non merely authorities, but it is the duty of all parts that make this event happened.

So company, authorities, single participant and patrons are sides that have liability to the environment around the event. Education from authorities and the event commission is needed to do people recognize that if they damage the environment, they will endure from effects every bit good. This instruction must diminish opposition to care about environment and otherwise they must go enthusiasm with this job.

Following challenge is the velocity of action after any suggestion or run to cut down pollution caused by an event to be done by people. Whether the velocity is slow or fast, it depends on the self-awareness of each individual. Accuracy is besides of import that the run can aim people with the effectual and efficient manner, so they tend to protect the environment. The last challenge is about the term where this run or instruction about caring to the environment is being executed. This can be short term where people are tend to maintain the instruction merely when this thing is dining, by follow the chief watercourse, or in a long term where people are full of cognizant in protecting the environment for good.1821 words


There are some effects on environment that affected by some peculiar event. This consequence can be measured as negative and positive consequence.

The negative effects are occurred when the event with its instruments and participants create pollution straight as a hint to an event being and more over people who attend in certain successful event will give pollution to air, land, and H2O, by driving, usage flight and cruising with ship merely to see the amusement becomes indirect negative consequence to environment. The positive effects can be completed if there are environmental friendly festivals, bazars, and run approximately safety to environment and event to protect ecosystem every bit good. In this instance people should increase the frequence of positive events, and seek to cut down activities that may harm the environment. And for appraisal of challenges in environment that provide to event direction industry is about challenge that we face in this industry.

The challenge is about forestalling and fix environment from pollution by replacing instruments of events and cut down the use of any vehicles. Green touristry is one of solution that can cut down the pollution. Then people who have duty in the effects of environment become some issue that must be discussed farther. Following challenge is about instruction that must be educated to all people who will go to certain event and so they realize how environment is of import for their unrecorded. Accuracy and velocity are the challenge that aim and step people ‘s sequence in realize about this large issue.

And eventually the term of this run to cut down challenge is determine the successful of this motion, the thirster of the term is the best object so that environment during the show of an event can be secured.287 words

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