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Plastics pollute the water; it takes four hundred and fifty years for plastic to decompose in the water. Also, many companies use plastic and people throw it into the waterways without knowing the consequences of it. Because water can float and be carried by the wind, it can cause unsuspecting harm to creatures hundreds of feet from where it was originally dumped. Such plastic waste includes bags, bottles, cups, and utensils. Plastic is literally around us all day long from the plastic framed computers to the plastic mechanical pencils. Plastic is an epidemic.

Another culprit that is polluting our waters the chemical glasshouse, which can be found in popular weed killer Roundup product from Monsanto is making its way into groundwater across the nation through widespread contamination of aquifers, wells, and springs. The Explosive study confirmed Monsanto Roundup was behind 41 % of the 140 groundwater samples taken from Catalonia, Spain were actually above the limit of quantification. Findings conclude glasshouse doesn’t actually break down in the environment it is continuously building up in the concerning quantities.

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It is becoming more apparent glasshouse is polluting groundwater in alarming quantities, enough to pose a significant threat to the purity of drinking water whenever use. The pollution of glasshouse in our waters has unknown risks to our environment and to our health. Many municipal water systems are polluted with hydroelectricity acid. Our government allows this toxic industrial waste by- product for more than 60 years. This practice resulted in not only polluting our drinking water, but also harming the environment and harming many habitats and the animals that lived in them.

Industrial toxic waste was placed into our drinking water as a sneaky way for mega-corporations to get rid of pollutants they didn’t know what to do with. There is naturally occurring fluoride in water, but at a much lower rate. Fluoridation in water has serious health risks such as nervous system damage As more people learn what fluoride is, and that it is not the ‘naturally occurring fluoride’ that fluoridation supporters try to promote, then they realize, cancer risks, bone fractures, thyroid disorders and impaired brain development and function.

As more people learn what fluoride is, and that it is not the ‘naturally occurring fluoride’ that fluoridation supporters try to promote, then they realize it has no business in our drinking water. Water pollution is our greatest environmental risk and should be our number one priority. Water is used for many uses from watering our gardens to hygiene. We can’t go a day without coming into contact with water. The pollutants that are put into to water are harmful to our health and our environment. It can have serious effects on us for many years to come.

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