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Another cause of air pollution is Nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen oxide is one of the harmful gases, it is produced into the atmosphere by burning of fuel. Nitrogen oxide is very dangerous when combined with rain; it forms Nitrogen trioxide which is acid rain. When acidic rains pour on soil, it increases its acidity causing the damage of crops and makes it almost impossible to replant, plants that rely on rain water to live ND grow are endangered Other pollutants harm the habitat, food or water that plants and animals need to survive.

All these pollutants are causing changes to the places where plants and animals live around the world. Another effect is illnesses. People have no choice but to breathe the air around them. When it is polluted, they breathe in ozone, particles, and harmful gases that can hurt their lungs, heart and overall health. Air pollution can cause burning eyes and breathing problems, such as asthma or severe rhinitis, also ultraviolet radiation causes skin cancer.

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Pollution affects the overall day to day living of people. Pollution is really a big problem in the world because it is causing ozone depletion, nature dying and many different illnesses. So we need to try to avoid pollution. There are many causes of air pollution and the effects of air pollution influence present lifestyles and if we don’t do something about it now it may affect our future.

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