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Little while ago, I saw a travel websites that didn’t recommend several tourist places. Ukraine is on the list because of the ethnic conflicts, but Beijing was because of air pollution. I was extremely shocked at the time because I think that was a form of discrimination. I know Beijing’ s air is not good, but is not so bad. However two days later, my friend who lives in Beijing called me, and she said she was sick with high fever. The hospital said it was poisoning because of dreadful air quality of Beijing. Legalized the seriousness of the matter. This essay will analysis why overpopulation and geographical are influence Begging’s air quality and what we need to do. I think that there are two important reasons Beijing has a bad air quality. Those are overpopulation and geographical. Beijing is an important develops city in China, which also is overpopulation. “According to an official census at the end Of last year, Begging’s population exceeded 17. 55 million. ” (Lie, S. , 2010). People from other cities migrate to Beijing in order to have a better living standard.

In other words, they can promote economy and cultural development, which is a very good thing but living in Beijing they need transportation and residence to aka sure their basic life. Majority people choose to buy a car. But if you want to launch a car, you need gasoline, and combustion of fossil fuel is an exhaust, resulting in the air pollution. In addition, more residence needs more areas, so developers want to cut down more trees to build more houses. Moreover, excessive felling of trees causes the dust in the air so that the particulate material (PM) containing a high concentration. (Clinchers, N. Et al. 2012). Resulting in more air pollution in Beijing. On the other hand, is the geographical.

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I think we need to decrease the amount of people who drive their own cars and encourage them to take public transportation because it not only can let you do some exercises during the time you go to work but also can reduce the exhaust emissions. Coal dust and car fumes are two Of he main sources of pollution. There is an air pollution emission from factories. The government should introduce appropriate legislation to reduce the number of factory plants to achieve remission number of tiny particles in the air. On the other hand, the government can permit factory to use nuclear energy.

It is really another good choice as well. Nuclear energy is powerful and effective. The most important point is there is no carbon dioxide emission, so it means no pollution.

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