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Air pollution is the presence of foreign substances in the atmosphere, emitted by industries and motor vehicles that cause damage to living organisms. Air pollution characteristics Air pollution characteristics in a particular region are influenced by: The type and amount of pollutant and their source of emission. The topography kcal and meteorological conditions affecting dispersion, concentration and turnarounds transport of pollutants.

The type of technology and various raw materials used in the manufacturing process and he type and quantum of emissions. The extent of industrialization and population density. Air Pollutants Sources of air pollutants Major sources of air pollution are natural sources and man-made source. A. Natural sources: Volcanic eruptions, forest fires, deflation of sands and dusts, storms, etc. Pollutants from natural sources Volcanoes: ashes, smokes, carbon dioxide dust and other gases. Land surface: salts spray from seas and ocean, dusts and soil particles from ground-surface.

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Extraterrestrial bodies: cosmic particles and rays, chest produced due to embankment of asteroid materials, comets etc. With the earth. B. Man-made (anthropogenic) sources Industries, automobiles, agriculture, power plants, domestic sources, etc. Pollutants from manmade sources Industries: smokes, fumes, dust, particulate matters. Domestic sources: gases from kitchen, domestic heating.

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