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Causes and Effects of Air Pollution in the Environment Air pollution is the unwanted change in quality of the orthophosphate caused by the emission of gases and of particulates, which are small particles, which are small particles of solid matter or droplets of liquid. Polluted air adversely affects the health of human beings, animals, and plants; it soils damages building and other property; and its reduces visibility endangering travel by air and on the ground. Air pollutants are damaging to a wide variety of materials.

Steel becomes corroded two to four times faster in urban and industrial arena than it does in rural areas, where muck less coal and oil are burned. When particulates are also present, the rates of corrosion increase rapidly. There are small particles such as dust, soot, bacteria and pollen grains. These particles are part of the air that do not do us harm. However, when large amounts of these materials and another harmful gases get into air, it is no longer healthy or safe for living things. We say the air is polluted.

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Any substance that decreases the purity of the environment is called a pollutant. Pollutant can be divided into two broad groups- the particulate and the gases. Particulates will settle out and fall back to earth somewhere near the source. The harm that air pollutants give to the human body include asthma and breathing, chronic lung diseases, greater risk of respiratory infections, worsening of existing heart and lung conditions, increased incidence of various forms of cancer, and fetal defects among babies.

Because health is determined by many factors, of which air breathed is just one, and because of pollutant often acts in combination with others, it is difficult to say with certainly that a particular pollutant or even by pollution generally. It is possible, forever, to make statistical comparisons of the level of air pollution and the incidence of particular disease, or comparisons of the level of pollution. Another current social problem is that of clean of air. This problem also not new.

When primitive man first built fires in his cave to keep warm, he was no doubt with the smoke. Perhaps he made flues to carry some of the smoke away. If not, he had to choose between being warm in a smoke-filled chamber and being cold in clean air. The choice between, was entirely individual. Transportation is the greatest source of air pollutants, accounting for 51 recent of total emissions, the internal combustion, gasoline burning engine is the brief offenders.

Among the almost 200 million motor vehicles operating in the united States aircrafts, boats, and trains are minor sources compared to automobiles and trucks although their contribution of pollutants may be heavy. In Baring Head in New Zealand, Lamb sees one of the few clean air monitors Eng sites in the world that measures carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He finds that carbon dioxide concentration is rising by year. To prove that greenhouse gases are casuals lobar temperatures to rise, Lamb consults atmospheric physicists.

Based on scientific principles in physics that have been known for more than a century, it is concluded that carbon dioxide is a strong absorber of infrared radiation, thus causing the planet to warm up. It’s Important to reassure your students that although their small steps are making a big difference, the government and other institutions are also doing something to remedy the problem. Behind them as long as they keep doing their part, they are significantly contributing to a world wide effort in saving and protecting the environment from destruction.

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