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Nowadays, our community has many environmental problems, but the obviously problem is air pollution. People around the world, especially in the cities, see air pollution as an important problem because cause it makes many big effects such as worsens earth’s atmosphere and harms living creatures. Air pollution is created by both natural actions and humans activities, but mostly, air pollution is made by humans. The three principal causes that humans have done are burning fuels in vehicles, unsuitable managing with garbage, and manufacturing in industrial factories.

The first one is cars running too much on the road. Burning fossil fuels in vehicles, particularly in cars, is the biggest cause of air pollution, more than half of all pollutants are produced form vehicles. Combustion in engines produces carbon monoxide, oxide Of nitrogen and tin which are dangerous for respiratory system of animals. To solve the air pollution occurring from car is to reduce using private car, and use public transportations instead such as sky train. In addition, other cause of air pollution is the increasing of airbag wasted in unsuitable area.

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According to increasing of waste depends on population, pollutants from wasting leftovers are rising as well. The big amount of trash can causes many problems such as bad odor and toxic gases. Not only air pollution is occurred, but unsuitable management also makes soil, river and sea confound with toxin. To lessen pollution from waste, we can reuse or recycle things that we don’t have to throw away to decrease the amount of garbage, or campaign about how great it is if we can manage with trash suitably. The last, manufacturing in industrial factories also are another big cause of pollutants’ enlargement.

In factories, transforming materials, transportation, and production processes cause dust and leakage of toxin. Moreover, a large amount of carbon dioxide, heavy metals and many more pollutants from burning fuels for energy and electricity are emitted into the air. These substances can destroy our atmosphere and lead to global warming. To reduce pollution from industries is to use other sources of power instead of ruining petrol, or assemble factories in a few groups to reduce propagation of pollution and easy to control.

In summary, most of air pollution comes from humans’ action and the main causes are using vehicles, increasing of garbage, and producing in industrial factories. In the future, if using cars and manufacturing are still increasing, our atmosphere will be degenerated and humans will face to ailments more and more. We can reduce air pollution above in many ways such as use public transportations, reuse things that are still usable, or campaign reducing of )ruining fuel in factories.

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