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According to Health Canada “heart failure, chronic obstructive luminary disease, asthma, and coronary disease” (Health 1) can be various effects when exposed to air pollutants for such a prolonged period of time. It has already and is continuing to make an impact on the population averaging an estimated “5,900” (Health 1) deaths per year. Although each individual varies within response to this issue, everyone is affected by air pollution one way or another either it being internally irritating your respiratory system or a more serious matter like death.

Air pollution is initiating damages to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems altering your well being due to harsh effects of air pollutants. We need to take action and find a solution to prevent further tragedies. In a likewise manner of air pollution affecting humankind, animals are becoming extinct the longer they’re being exposed. With each category of wildlife being presented to negative air “birds are more susceptible to gaseous pollutant injury than mammals due to their higher respiratory rates” (Effects 1).

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Decreasing in population “surface water acidification is leading to a decline, and loss of, fish” (Effects 2). Occurring in countries worldwide the level in water has “increased fish mortality, decreased fish growth, decreased egg production and embryo survival, and result in physiological impairment of adult fish” (Effect 2). These creatures are not only being impacted by the issue of air pollution but a vast amount of different species of animals are being indirectly affected as well. The modification in vegetation can horrifically influence the future of an animal which is occurring in diverse sceneries around the globe.

Inutile animals are being impacted by the appalling effects of air pollution, so more attention needs to be given to animals in pursuance of saving them from becoming extinct. Moreover to this topic, air pollution is generating a downfall in the economy. As stated by Philippines’ World Bank ‘the yearly amount in health cost is $430 million dollars” (Philippines 1). While each factor of society is kept being affected by air pollutants, the more it is going to cost the government resulting in a decline of the economy.

Not only has poor air quality’s health expenses cost an immense adjustment to the money supply but it has also threatened “the quality of life, material and vegetation damage, discouraged foreign investments” (Philippines 1) furthermore adding to the collapse of economy. Harmful air pollution has impacted health expenses and other various elements resulting in the deterioration of the economy, which is why we have to better the air to reduce the amount of costs caused by air pollute nets. A final component negative air has impacted is the Ecosystems ocean, land, and atmosphere.

With atmospheric increases in carbon dioxide “unwanted changes in ocean acidity’ (American 2) have aroused. These changes in the ocean can generate a huge problem with species of animals living in the water. Next to the environmental impact is its effect on plants. Air pollution is major factor to the decline of forests in heavily polluted areas. The plants are impacted so much by reason of “pollutants overwhelming the plants defense mechanisms and provoking abnormal symptoms” (Geiger 1 Moving into atmospheric impact, air pollution is negatively affecting our climate.

Global warming and the ozone layer are significantly altering due to the air we breathe in. The greenhouse effect has been stroked, “increasing the average temperature, meaning more impact to global warming problem” (Hellman 1). Altogether each environmental affect is lead to the problem of air elution, if we don’t find a fix to this issue we might as well just call our planet a ticking bomb ready to explode. Despite the fact that air pollution is producing such a complication to our globe, air pollution is positive for the environment.

Negative air IA producing faster growth in forests due to carbon from air pollution. Forests are flourishing because “pollutants in the air have caused plants to absorb 25% more carbon” (Lagniappe 1). Although greenhouse emissions contribute to global warming, carbon absorbing forests are growing faster due to carbon from air pollution. This is a different aspect to air pollutants and while it may infinite it this solution is not permanent.

Air pollution’s “increase in atmospheric particle pollution can only go so far before the benefits of more diffused light no longer compensate for the decrease in overall photosynthesis” (Lagniappe 1 It’s only a matter of time until this momentary shine of light we have found with air pollution gets covered again by a gloomy, cumulonimbus cloud. Given these points, this is an obstacle we the public need to pay attention to and act against. It is not only America which air pollution is affecting but all around the world.

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