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There are many races of people out here in the world that does not know a thing about their history but will know a thing or two about their background. African Americans in particular do not know anything about their background, and most of them do not care to know. Now in these modern days it is important to know where one came from, and to know their background. Knowing ones history will be a benefit to that person, and his or her family because history is a way to success. African Americans are one of the races of people in America that is confused about whom they are.

They do not know their background, because African Americans think that this is life for them and that is it. They do not realize the importance of how important of a people they are. If their original life were presented to them, majority will turn away, and the other half will come back to who they were in the beginning. While African Americans have lost their whole identity, their way of life, religion, culture, language, and education, there are those who are waking up to their true identity on a daily basis. It is a very sad thing to be living in a world for so long not knowing who you are, and where you came from.

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Yes, we as Africans know that we came from Africa but what part of Africa and who were our ancestors, what tribe of people are we from. African American history did not start here in America, and that is what is being taught to people. Our history started from Africa. How we lived and raised our family is totally different from how we did it in Africa. The African American people are living and raising their families the American way, which is why so many people are confused, and so much violence is in the world today. The African Americans does not realize that Islam is their way of life and background.

We use to pray to Allah 5 times a day in Africa, and raise our children according to the laws of the Holy Qur’an. There are those that still do this today. If they would take the time out to watch the movie Roots, then they would know much of what happened to their way of life. I have asked some African Americans what they think about that movie, and they would say that was a long time ago, or that was not us, or that it does not mean anything to them. This was the beginning of what happened to us, and how the African Americans became lost of themselves.

They were forced to take on Christianity, which is a made up religion that the Caucasian race made up to rule and have power over the African Americans at that time. The Bible is their book that they follow today, but the Holy Qur’an is truly their holy book. The Bible has been set in a way for the African race to believe in at that time. The people took out the real parts of the Bible, and put in their own interpretations to be believed in. This is what the Africans were taught, and forced to take on. Islam is the fastest growing religion today amongst the African Americans.

Many African Americans are reverting back to Al-Islam. The African Americans think that there is no one that cares about them. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad came back for the African Americans. He came to raise the African Americans up, and to wake them up to bring them back to consciousness Islam. He let them know that Allah cares about them, and that it is his mission to teach Islam to the African Americans in particular. This shows that Allah (God) cared for the African American people. It is the African Americans that will not take heed to the signs.

By recognizing African Americans’ poor housing and economic and educational conditions, the Nation of Islam sought to rectify these conditions. The overall purpose was to improve African Americans’ self-esteem, self-worth, and self-reliance. The Nation of Islam focused on the theory that African Americans could never improve their condition unless they came in touch with Allah (Arabic for God). Therefore, the Nation of Islam was instrumental in establishing Islamic temples for daily worship, schools, vocational training, and financial institutions.

The Nation of Islam was, thereby, instrumental in helping African Americans overcome their difficult conditions. (Lumumba, Hakeem 2003) The language that the African Americans speak today is not theirs. Africans did not speak English while they were in Africa. They spoke the African language, which they have lost today. If someone goes up to an African American and ask them what their original language is, they would not know. Some African languages that I know of that were spoken was Swahili, Hausa, and Yoruba. I think that these are some of he main major African languages that were spoken by the people now known as the African Americans. Africans are very smart and intelligent people. They know how to build just about anything. The Africans education use to be about how to build things, training the young boys when they reach a certain age how to protect themselves, how to hunt for food, how to respect not only their mother, but African women period. The women would teach their daughters how to cook, sew, clean, how to harvest food, and when it is time for harvesting, and how to respect not only their fathers, but also the African men period.

The African women had so much respect from the African men that they were treated like Queens, and the African men had so much respect from their African women that they were treated like Kings. Today there is so much disrespect going on. The women now hate the men, and the men hate the women. The African women use to have so much respect for them, now they have no self-respect, or respect for their daughters. I say this because African Americans will come outside half naked and they perm their hair trying to look like the people that done them wrong by having straight hair.

They have been taught that their hair is nappy and ugly. They believe in this trash. Their children grow up believing in this saying. I teach African omen that they are beautiful and have the most beautiful color and hair. I teach them that there is no such thing as black people. African Americans are people of a beautiful color. They need to know this. Why would God make them a bad color? God is not like that. They are taught that black is bad and that white is good. It is sad because the made up dictionary has this same meaning in it.

This is why I home school my children, and so do most of the Muslims and some African Americans to. African Americans cannot take on another people’s lifestyle. Having someone else’s lifestyle will never work for them because, every race of people is different from the other. It is naturally embedded in an African American to be spiritual and to be very smart. They are a smart people. When an African American wakes up to who they are, they become like no other, the most beautiful a person can be.

It is always good for a person no matter what race they are, or where they came from; know who you are. That information is vital because it is something you can sit down and tell your children and they will tell their children. If one do not know anything, then they will not know anything about their family tree, or history, background. Know who you are, it is important and it does make a difference. Those who have no record of what their forbears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history. (G.

Woodson) In the above quotation, Carter G. Woodson, the father of black history, shared his conviction, central to his life work, which including founding and directing the Association for the study of African American life and history, that learning about accomplishments of past generations of African Americans enriches and guides our modern lives. All of these lessons in teaching the accomplishments of enslaved Africans and their African American descendants also shed light on great effort and triumph. (Moore, Alicia L. , La Vonne I. Neal 2005)

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