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Aeromechanicss Assignment ( Formal Report )

As a member of a squad researching aircraft accidents, your foreman has tasked you to bring forth a formal written study for her on facets of the fatal clang of a B52 aircraft at Fairchild Air Base in June 1994.

The accident occurred during a pattern air show sequence, with the pilot trying a steep, positioning bend at low height.

A picture of the clang can be found at hypertext transfer protocol: // v=ReSm7r45_ds

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Other pictures are available on the cyberspace, some of which show more inside informations of the concluding few seconds. More information on the B52 can besides be found on the cyberspace, and in the affiliated infusion from the flight manual ( which can be used as a mention ) . Further information may be published on the class web site ( L @ G ) after following hebdomad ‘s talk ( 15 Sep ) .

An official accident study was compiled by the USAF, but was non released to the general populace.
Relevant facts about the accident are:

  1. There were NO mechanical malfunctions – the accident study concluded that the cause was ‘pilot mistake ‘ merely
  2. B52 sidelong control is by spoilers ONLY – there are no ailerons. Roll response to spoiler warp is slow, with typically a 3 2nd hold between control input and axial rotation response at normal airspeeds.
  3. The consecutive and flat stall velocity in the clang constellation ( roll down ) and weight was 110 karat IAS
  4. The aircraft commenced the bend at 180 karat IAS, with a little addition in push
  5. During the concluding portion of the bend, bank increased, with the aircraft impacting the land at 90 grades AOB, at 150 karat IAS, and with low thrust scenes on all eight engines
  6. The aircraft ab initio turned into a 10 karat headwind, which so became a tailwind in the concluding portion of the bend

    Your study should see merely the aerodynamic facets of the accident, and reason what, in your sentiment caused the aircraft to crash. You may besides do recommendations on what action ( s ) the pilot could hold taken to avoid the clang.

Further information on the assignment ( eg taging strategy ) is available from the class lineation ( the relevant infusion has been amended below )

Individual Formal Assignment:

Each pupil will bring forth a written assignmentin study formatof between 1500 and 2000 words. The assignment subject will be posted on the site during hebdomad 7 and is due to be completed byFriday, 16 October( terminal of hebdomad 11 ) .

Assignment Marking Key


  • All referencing is to be in the APA manner.
  • Assignments are to be ’12 founts Arial ‘ with dual line spacing with a 25mm clean boundary line.
  • Essaies are to follow with word bound. Word bound transcending plus or minus 100 words will hold 10 % deducted for each 100 words or portion at that place of. Eg. An assignment that is2150or 1350 is 50 words outside the prescribed bound of plus or minus 100 words. Final grade reduced by 10 % of 30 = -3 Markss.
  • All essays to be uploaded utilising safe assign and distant printing.

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