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The amount of air pollution plays a key element in many health problems we are faced with on a daily basis. Not only does pollution have an effect on the people, but it affects all of humanity. Some believe that we cannot erase the damage pollution has already done to the Earth, but there are many ways we can change our lifestyles to ensure a better future for our planet.

Over the last decade the American Heart Association has been conducting epidemiological studies worldwide. The results show an increase risk for cardiovascular illnesses, including heart and stroke deaths. This is in direct relation with short-term and long-term exposure to the present concentrations Of air pollution in our atmosphere. The EPA stated that “tens of thousands of people die each year from breathing tiny particles in the environment. From the Combined studies in various cities they predict 60,000 deaths each year are caused by particulate matter (American’s. Org). Our nation has taken action to prevent the pollution figures to rise. In 1 990 government passed the Clean Air Act, which places air pollution limits on industrial units, such as power or chemical plants. Under this law the EPA sets limits on how much of a pollutant can be in the air anywhere in the United States.

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It also guarantees that all Americans have equal basic health and environmental defenses. The law allows individual states to have stronger pollution management, but states are not permitted to weaken pollution controls than those set for the entire country. The immense amount of deaths can be prevented, or even better, eliminated by aging the standards set by the EPA stricter (EPA. Gob). Although this was a dramatic measure that was necessary to our environment, many people were left wondering ;can more be done?

Usually the blame is directed to the industrial element of the nation, but are we wrong? We, the people contribute to a lot of the pollution our environment is now faced with. Government involvement is important to regulating toxins, building waste systems, and protecting air and waters but their control is also limited. The government can make as many laws to jugulate the emissions from our power and chemical plants as much as they would like, but a few simple changes in our lifestyles would greatly affect the pollution crisis.

Industry gives off a good share of the waste that is polluting our planet, but it’s every person that contributes as well. Modifications to our lifestyles should include car pooling rather than driving separate cars and walking or riding a bike for short trips. Being less dependent on automobiles would reduce pollution because air pollution is predominately emitted though the exhaust Of motor vehicles and the combustion of fossil fuels. The fight to conserve our planet has been a long hard battle, but it is far from over.

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