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Achievements made on those original Objectives (1) How many of your settled objectives have been achieved The objectives that we original settled are have some changed. The adjusted objectives had been achieved. (2) Are you satisfied of the completion of objectives? And please give a justification of your answer. The objectives of the whole report are achieved. Totally, I am satisfied with the report. For each objectives, I do a sum of research work, gain the objectivity and reality research result. 3. Justifications of changes if happened Are there any changes you made to your original objectives?

If yes, please specify the changes occurred and Justify accordingly. Change 1 According to the original objectives, P&G should compared with Milliner which the major competitors of P&G.. However, in the report , the comparison with Milliner are not the sub—objective. Justifications Since during the later research period, we find Milliner has carried out the strategy which focus on their core business and reduce the products scale. The strategy Is similar with mega brand strategy of P&G . Thus, the comparison Is not obvious. We decide to cut this original sub-objectives. Experience Obtained (1) A set of objective is able to help guide your investigation The set of objectives should use the rule of SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timescales (2) The objectives could change from your Minimal Ideas, the objectives should be adjust to the actual. Section 2 Effectiveness of the planning and implantation stages 1 . Selection of the Topic 1) Selection of the Company Founded In 1837, Procter & Gamble Is one of the largest consumer products 68 billion, and ranked 68th on Fortune 500 list of the world’s largest corporations. Selection of the Issue The issue that we choose is the revolution of A. G. Leaflet to make the P as top consumer products enterprise. Procter (P)– bellwether of the daily necessities in the world. In the year 2000, P&G has mired in crisis, at this moment, A. G. Leaflet took office of CEO, after 10 years, P&G has become the pilgrimage of business area again and more innovative ever before. Furthermore, the company possess the innovation even more. Definitely, a series of revolution is successful. Therefore, what measures the revolution carried, how much the revolution influenced. ND what benefit P&G gained. 2. The Time Arrangement The time plan is reasonable, however, during the form report period, the finish time spends more time than the plan set. Finally , we accomplish the report on time. 3. Methodology The methodology is suitable with the actual implement of project research. 4. Source of information We choose methods that fit our available resources. And can help achieve objectives. The data that our group member collect is not selective ,choose too much information that repeated and helpless. Because some group member’s understanding is not enough.

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Moreover, the cooperation and communication are not enough. 5. The Selection and Application of the Criteria We defined four criteria: Mega brand strategy; Innovation; Concept Marketing and Human Resources The mega brand strategy and innovation are the major, which we pay much attention to them. However, the concept marketing and human resources paid less attention. The link with concept marketing with the other three is not very close. Section 3 Assessment of Strength and Weakness of the report Strength 1 (with Justifications) The issue that we choose is outstanding. The revolution of A. G.

Leaflet made P back to peak from the huge crisis , and become more innovative ever before. The whole report is distinguishable with most of report. Strength 2 (with Justifications) Mega strategy and innovation of the report are involved excellent business projects, typical business knowledge and innovative management methods. There are always the successful projects of industry and the teaching cases of commerce college Weakness 1 (with Justifications) The depth of the whole report is not enough, the understanding of the revolution is to comprehensive. The research work and the logical of this report are not excellent.

Weakness 2 (with Justifications) The whole report is less of entirety, the link of concept marketing with other parts is not very close. And the English is not eve accurate. This is the cooperation and communication are not enough. Recommendations for future investigations Self-suggestion on Personal Developments (1) As the leader of the group, I should improve ability of control and cooperation with the group members (2) I need allocate the task to the group members according to ACH member’s ability, since make the balance of group members and report quality. 3) I should improve ability time management, time management is the key factor of improving efficiency. Self-suggestion Improvements on Process (1) The objectives should be SMARTER: Specific, Measurable, Achievable Realistic , Timescales, Extending and Rewarding. (2) Pay attention to the set of plan. Time management is essential to the successful project research (3) The corporate and communication of project group should be improve. The group that have the good work relationship can make the successful project research.

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