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In this world, there are two sorts of people, some who find fulfillment in their lives through spirituality, and those who find fulfillment in their lives through material possessions, such as money or power. It is reasonably shown in “Singing Silence” that spiritual wealth is far superior to material wealth because a life which is filled with spiritual means is much more enjoyable and successful than a life filled with material wealth.”Singing Silence” by Eva Lis Waurio values the experiences in life, and how important the journey itself is, it’s not essentially the material possessions you collect that make the journey what it is. Vincente was a very happy man, even though he was very poor and didn’t own many material belongings; he was still content with himself. “Old Vincente of Fortnentera was perhaps the happiest man I’ve ever known. And also perhaps the poorest.” This shows that even though this man, Vincente was poor he was somehow still happy.He didn’t need material assets to fully live his life and be the happiest that he could. It shows that even though you have nothing in your life that’s valuable, life itself is something that which you could value a great deal. “Vincente has the search. It is not what one finds, you know, but the search itself that is important. Only the search.” this quote perfectly describes what was mentioned earlier, life as a journey is significant, not the material wealth that is accumulated along the way. This shows that life itself is not about the destination, but the experiences that you find along the way that makes the destination what it is. Vincente was spiritually rich, and this made him happy, and he life was much more rewarding because he lived his life to the best that he possibly could.Optimism plays a great deal in the experiences one can have in life. If optimism is a big part of living, then any person can accomplish lots, because they have a drive and determination to do things, and they can find the best possible outcome of even a really bad situation. Vincente was a huge optimist. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to pay the man back his money, but he knew there had to be another way he could pay him back. “Vincente knew that he would never have the money to buy the amphora, but what was to prevent him from finding one?”Vincente was very optimistic in that he knew he would find an amphora to repay the man with. Something that may have also impacted Vincente’s load of optimism was the fact that he thought the American had given him the right address, so this gave him the hope that he would one day find the amphora and return it to the man. “I believed that somehow in his dreams, Vincente saw himself at last arriving in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, with the ancient Phoenician amphora under his arm.” This shows that Vincente had a great deal of spiritual wealth because his life was based on finding something that wasn’t even for himself, but he was still happy doing this.Honor play’s a big role in Vincente’s optimism, because of his optimism, he kept his word when he said he would return the American’s amphora. “He followed the American to his hotel, pleaded for his name and address and promised to pay him back.” Keeping his honor made Vincente happy, because he enjoyed doing what he did when he was trying to find the amphora, which was diving.”He could not contain his wonder at the unexpected beauty of the deep sea””There is only silence under the sea!””It is a singing silence. Like many instruments sending their purest sounds up to the sky.”Vincente loved being underwater, it made his life more satisfying. And by keeping his honor, Vincente was glad, to be doing this. Through Vincente’s honor, he found success within his own life.Vincente had lots of perseverance, he wanted to fulfill this goal thathe had made, to pay back the American with another amphora, and he was very determined to do it. “There camping on the beach, scrounging for his meals, intent as are all men with singleness of purpose to urge them on, he set about teaching himself how to swim.” This shows the determination that Vincente had. Even though he didn’t know how to swim, he thought himself how to, because he knew that this way the only way he would reach his goal. “Day by day, week by week, month by month, and so on into the years, Vicente, searching for the amphora which in honor he felt he must find to replace the one he had broken, grew happier.” In this quote, it shows how much determination Vincente had, that even thought the days, months, and years had gone by, He still had the insistence to find the amphora.And through this determination, Vincente had found happiness within himself. “He was over 60 then. An old man, as time makes men like Vincente old. Yet he was young in his urgency to learn and go on toward the far horizon of his purpose.” This shows that even though Vincente was an old man he knew that he could find the amphora, and that nothing could get in his way, even his own age. The author is trying to say that you are never to old to do anything, because age is not what matters in determination, but it is the mind and soul, if they are willing than anything is possible. Through Vincente’s determination, he found a beauty in the under water world that he had never seen or heard of before.A life of spiritual wealth is much more satisfying to some because they can find a great deal of happiness within this spirituality. The people who fulfill their lives through spirituality find much more achievement within themselves, then those who fulfill their lives with materialistic fortunes, because their achievement is only through their material possessions.

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