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I was sitting in the main court, amid many other people, who were quite happy chattering away, not justifying the seriousness of this case.Then walked in a very thin looking man, he was accompanied by two brick built policemen. He walked to his seat and sat down, keeping his eyes down all the time. Then the judge came in and sat down. This man was put in court for supposedly murdering his wife. Within 3 hours of deliberation and protesting from the man, he was sentenced by the jury, to be hanged. On the day of the hanging, a very peculiar thing happened.Just and hour before the hanging, we were all called back into court. The police had found out that the unnamed man was innocent and they had found the real murderer, through the use of DNA detection. That man was then put to his horrid death.Now think about how close that innocent man came to death for a crime he did not even commit. If you were a hangman and you took hold of this information, could you live with yourself knowing you killed an innocent man?My point here is that in 4/10 cases of hanging, the victim is innocent or partly innocent. With these statistics, how can hanging even be considered any more?Last year alone, 1200 people globally were killed through hangings. 480 of these were partly or fully innocent. All those 480 had to go through unjust pain and suffering and for what, living a normal life?Even those who have done wrong and are complete murderers, should not be killed. Must there always be such things as vengeance. Can’t a person be happy with life sentences? Everyone of those hangmen are playing God when killing people. It is Gods right to kill people when it is needed, not the hangman’s job!It shocks me to learn that 2/3 hangmen know what they are doing is wrong! How can they live with themselves? I certainly couldn’t.What also shocks me is that if the person does not die when hanged, because of a thick neck, his wrist is cut open with a knife and he is left to bleed to death!The poor soul is left there for two hours with his wrist cut open in severe agony until he is strangled or bleeds himself to death.What an indecency! How can anyone push themselves to see that, but let alone watch it, the policemen rather enjoy the scene of utmost terror.All of the people of the council are just terrorists when they act to do this. It is already bad enough in America, with the deaths of over 2000 people in the 7/11 atrocities, but losing more people over disputes like this sickens me.People need to form a revelation that will strike against this injustice until it is dissolved. I have already expressed my opinions that I would be the first to strike if I had enough support.These tyrants should think along the lines of Gandhi that I salute – “An eye for an eye and the world would be blind”

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