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Nora will make anything to delight her autocratic hubby Torvald. Per Torvald’s instructions. Nora focuses on such feminine subjects as dance and taking attention of babes. while he sees to all the personal businesss of money. But when a past fiscal error comes back to stalk Nora and Torvald finds out. the consequence is an detonation of rage and a lurid disclosure that changes the class of the full household forever ( Garland. 1973 ) . Nora Helmer ; seems wholly happy. She responds dearly to her husband’s tease. speaks with exhilaration about the excess money his new occupation will supply. and takes pleasance in the company of her kids and friends. She does non look to mind her doll-like being. in which she is coddled. pampered. and patronised. Torvald Helmer ; embraces the belief that a man’s function in matrimony is to protect and steer his married woman. He clearly enjoys the thought that Nora needs his counsel. and he interacts with her as a male parent would.

He instructs her with trite. moralistic expressions. such as ; “A place that depends on loans and debt is non beautiful because it is non free. ” Torvald likes to visualize himself as Nora’s Jesus. inquiring her after the party. “Do you know that I’ve frequently wished you were confronting some awful dangers so that I could put on the line life and limb. hazard everything. for your interest. ” Krogstad ; is the adversary in the movie but he is non needfully a scoundrel. Though his willingness to let Nora’s torture to go on is barbarous. Krogstad is non without understanding for her. as he says. “even money loaner. drudges. good a adult male like me. can hold a small of what you call experiencing. you know. ” Krogstad has sensible motivations for behaving as he does ; he wants to maintain his occupation at the bank in order to save his kids from the adversity that come with a spoilt repute. Unlike Torvald. who seems to want regard for junior-grade selfish grounds. Krogstad desires it for his family’s interest ( Garland. 1973 ) .

From a Feminist position. a group whose members learn socially constructed outlooks based on gender functions. societal category. race. age. sexual orientation. matrimonial position. and other factors. The hubby is the dominant force in the household while the married woman acts like a doll in a doll’s house. The married woman makes forfeits while the hubby was more concerned about his repute. From a Symbolic Inrteractionist position. a group. like others. whose interactions are governed by the communicating of cognition. beliefs. attitudes. values. and functions? The hubby has a false sense of maleness. that of a super-hero. The hubby belittles his married woman and tells her that she will non be able to interact with the kids because of her forfeit for her household. She is physically abused and told non the leave the house.

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When she is right the hubby gives her money to pass on the household. From a struggle position. a group that experiences jobs due to societal inequality ; the household and its members must vie for limited resources that are controlled by powerful groups. Krogstad is replaced at the bank because of Torvalds’ selfish grounds. which put his household in poorness. Krogstad uses blackmail to maintain his occupation at the bank ( Benokraitis. 2011 ) . It is the 1890s in Norway. Nora’s’ male parent is deceasing. Her hubby Torvald is in demand of a clime alteration from Norway to Italy to salvage his life. Torvald tells his married woman they can’t afford to take a holiday. Nora goes to the bank and asks Krogstad to raise the money for her. They raise the money by Nora hammering her father’s signature. Krogstad forges some paperss and gets the money for Nora. Word gets out about what Krogstad does and it ruins his repute in town so he and his household live in poorness.

Meanwhile Nora and her household travel on the holiday to Italy and salvage her husbands’ life. Torvald gets a publicity at the bank where he and Krogstad plants. Word gets out that Torvald is replacing Krogstad so he visits Nora to remind her of who helped her and discovers that she has forged her father’s signature. Krogstad blackmails Nora to salvage his occupation at the bank. Nora tells Krogstad that her hubby will support her. Krogstad reminds her of Torvalds maleness. Nora goes to her hubby to salvage Krogstad’s occupation. Torvald dislikes Krogstad because he calls him by his Christian name. alternatively of Mr. . so he puts Krogstad in his topographic point by utilizing his power to take away Krogstad’s occupation and seting his household in poorness ( Garland. 1973 ) . Torvald receives the missive with the IOU from Krogstad. and he verbally abuses Nora by naming her stupe. prevaricator. dissembler. and a felon. He physically slaps her and provinces know I am at the clemency of an unscrupulous adult male.

Torvald tells her that she is merely like your male parent with no faith or ethical motives. You have ruined everything and will non be allowed to raise our three kids. Nora changes out of her costume into her street apparels. She commands Torvald to sit and listen to her. This is the first clip in eight old ages of matrimony that they have sat down to speak about anything serious. Nora tells her hubby that she has ne’er been treated as a human being. Her male parent treated her like a doll kid. hubby treats her like a doll married woman and now she treats her kids like doll‘s playing with them. Torvald tells her now you can be educated. Nora states I will educate myself and I have to stand on my ain two pess.

Torvald tells Nora you can’t leave you have responsibilities to your hubby and kids. Nora provinces my responsibility is to myself as a human being. Nora asks is society right or am I right ; I will hold to happen that out for myself ( Garland. 1973 ) . Torvald and Nora are in a conflict-habituated matrimony. Social Learning Theory ; Nora states that she was treated like a doll kid by her male parent. so her male parent handed her over to Torvald and she conformed to the doll house that he provided for her. Nora thought that because she was Torvalds’ married woman and female parent of his three kids that he would give for her. ”Wheel Theory” of love ; resonance. self-revelation. common dependence and personality need fulfilment ( Benokraitis. 2011 ) .

This film hit place for me you spend all those old ages bearing kids and giving for love and household and what thanks do you acquire. Good for Nora go forthing Torvald and she left him with the kids dual whammy on Torvald’s maleness. Work forces have a false sense of what maleness is when he states ; “no adult male would give his award. non even for love. ” And Nora provinces. “Millions of adult females have. ” I went through the same thing with my children’s male parent ; he would frequently state me that “my repute is the most of import thing to me. ”

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