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In the beginning, God created adult male in his ain image. God told adult male to eat of the fruit of all the trees in the garden except the 1 in thick of the garden, the Tree of Knowledge, lest adult male should certainly decease. The snake convinced adult female that she would non decease but instead, that “ God knows that in the twenty-four hours ye eat thereof, so your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as Gods, cognizing good and evil ” ( Genesis 3:5 ) . Since the beginning of world, adult male has sought for truth and cognition. What is good, true, and beautiful? These inquiries go to the bosom of our concern for educating people who posses a cognition of world, are ethical in their behaviour, and unrecorded lives that are balanced and aesthetically harmonious ( Gutek, 2005, p. 31 ) . King Solomon, in his Book of Ecclesiastes, explores assorted avenues for satisfaction-power, ownerships, prestigiousness, pleasure-he finds them excavate. God moves him along the way of find until he finds no existent significance to life “ under Eden, ” but merely in relationship to God and His ageless intents ( Maxwell, 2007, p. 802 ) .

Educators confront philosophical issues on a day-to-day footing even though they may non acknowledge it as such. As a Christian pedagogue, scrutiny of one ‘s personal premises, beliefs, attitudes and values can help one in determining instructional methods and effectual acquisition techniques. By understanding one ‘s ego, one ‘s motives, and one ‘s position of world, one can break assist others in their personal pursuit to detect the intent of ego and one ‘s function as a member of world.

I attempt to place the footing of the philosophical beliefs which contribute to the overall doctrine of instruction from which I function as an pedagogue by analyzing the historical and philosophical foundations of instruction from influential philosophers such as Plato, Jefferson, Eramus, Calvin, Rousseau, and others.

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Why are we here? What is our intent? What is true? How do we cognize? From the beginning of clip adult male has asked these inquiries. My personal scriptural worldview replies those inquiries for me based upon Holy Bibles, the Torahs and words of “ I am that I am ” ( Exodus 3:14 ) .

“ The fright of the Lord is the beginning of cognition ” ( Proverbs 1:7 ) . Knowledge is cognizing the facts ; cognizing how to utilize those facts is wisdom. All cognition and wisdom comes from a higher being known as the God of the Hebrews and male parent of Jesus Christ. All gifts and endowments come from God ; A each individual has different abilities to understand, have and react to the cognition that God reveals to him or her. We are told, A ” We know that the Son of God is come and has given us an apprehension that we may cognize him that is true and we are in him that is true, even in his boy Jesus Christ ( I John 5:20 ) . I know in whom I have believed.

Our existence is so monolithic and our God so glorious with our limited apprehension we merely “ aˆ¦see through a glass darklyaˆ¦ ” ( 1 Cor. 13:12 ) . Who was at that place when He laid the foundations of the Earth ( Job 38:4 ) ? There exists a religious kingdom beyond our earthly eyes which exists at the same time with ours. We genuinely can non gestate the stateliness and luster that exists beyond our sense of world. God can non be put in a box and is far beyond anything we can grok. All one can cognize about Him is what He has outlined in His Word, which is inspired and written by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is a certainty and of this I am confident “ that He which has begun a good work in me will execute it until the twenty-four hours of Jesus Christ ” ( Phil 1:6 ) .A

A Christian worldview defines my values, my actions, my clip, my dreams, my life. We are created existences ; Solomon sums up being, “ Fear God and maintain His commandments. For this is adult male ‘s all ( Ecc.12:13 ) .

Epistemic Beliefs

In Plato ‘s fable of the cave, he proposes that there is a true rational ego within and superior to the material human organic structure. The intent of life is to endeavor for cognition of ultimate and perfect thoughts, the signifier of the good from which all other thoughts are derived ( Gutek, p. 39 ) . For Plato, an Idealist, world is non-material or religious ( Gutek, p.38 ) . Plato understood that adult male is composed of spirit but without the Creator, his idealism was in vain ; all cognition and wisdom comes from God. God ‘s omniscience means that he knows all, that all cognition, truth, wisdom, intelligence and all that there is to cognize, He knows.

John Calvin had an intense spiritual transition experience that illuminated his thought “ like a flash of visible radiation. ” This experience provided Calvin with the disclosure cognition of “ Divine Majesty ” ( Gutek, p. 114 ) . I know that I know because of a similar disclosure experience which I term “ being zapped ” . While deep in supplication, a flash of visible radiation consumed my whole being for one msec of a 2nd. I know that I know that the Father is, and that Jesus Christ is the visible radiation and the Truth. No adult male can tweak me from His custodies.

Metaphysical Beliefs

Pestalozzi and Rousseau believed that the baby is per se good ( Gutek, 2005 ) and opposed the philosophy of unconditioned human corruption. Harmonizing to the Word of God, Man is born in a perverse province. R.C. Sproul writes, “ Because entire corruption is so frequently ill defined, allow me replace another phrase that means the same thing: extremist corruptness. We are depraved in the base or root of our being, and that nucleus corruption influences everything we do. In the autumn we became radically depraved, which means that corruptness pervades every country of our lives ” ( as cited by Li, 2007 ) . Harmonizing to Plato, adult male can make the ultimate truth by seeking cognition. This cognition may be genuinely called necessary, asking as it clearly does, the usage of pure intelligence in the attainment of pure truth ( Plato, 360 B.C. ) . Plato asserted that the truth is within each of us, and is found profoundly within the deferrals of the human head or mind ( Gutek, p. 40 ) . For Aristotle, truth is a correspondence between the individual ‘s head and external world ( Gutek, p. 54 ) . Harmonizing to Freire ‘s philosophical disposition to existential philosophy, world is subjective and within the person. Dewey, a Pragmatist, contended that truth is probationary, a warranted averment, instead than cosmopolitan, ageless and absolute ( Gutek, p.342 ) . He argued that revealed truth does non be and that anything that can be called truth must be determined by experimentation.

When Pilate asked Jesus, “ What is truth? ” ( John 8:38, ) , he was inquiring, “ What is the truly existent? ” Jesus did non answer ; the inquiry had already been answered everlastingly. The God of Bible is truth as He tells us in Psalms 119:160, “ The amount of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous regulations is everlasting ; ” and, in the words of Christ himself in John 14:6, “ I am the manner, and the truth, and the life. ”

Animals and workss, seasons and stars were created by God for adult male. God blessed them and said to them, “ Be fruitful and increase in figure ; make full the Earth and subdue it ; hold rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air and over every life animal that moves on the Earth ” ( Genesis 1:27-29 ) . He is the first and the last. For since the creative activity of the universe, God ‘s unseeable qualities -his ageless power and godly nature-have been clearly seen and can be understood from what has been made, so that adult male is without alibi ( Barker, 2009 ) .

Axiological Beliefs

Good is whatever God says is good. Evil is a perversion of the truth. Wicked comes from the word wicker which means “ distorted ” . The Devil takes the truth, turns and deviants it to pervert that which God has created for good ( Barker, 2009 ) . For Aristotle, the supreme good to which all aspire is happiness ( Hummel, 1993 ) . What is good and what is right? His Word lays out the moral foundation for world and exists for all people across all clip. What is true, honest, merely, pure, lovely, and of good study… think upon these things ( Phil 4:7 ) .

A Christian worldview asserts that the ultimate end of adult male is to transform into the image of Jesus. “ Do non be conformed to this universe: but be transformed by the renewing of your head, that you may turn out what is that good and acceptable and perfect, will of God ” ( Romans12:2 ) . God ‘s Word is the moral authorization on which the existence revolves.

Educational Doctrine

Educational beliefs

Thomas Jefferson, the writer of the Declaration of Independence, developed an educational program based upon civic instruction and cultural patriotism in order to fix people to go active and engaged citizens ( Gutek, p. 180 ) .A Mann believed that “ a proper civic instruction should learn basic rules of authorities, supply penetrations into representative establishments, and by and large organize good citizens ( Gutek, p. 226 ) . Calvin ‘s divinity and educational doctrine stressed literacy as a tool of redemption to carry through both spiritual and economic aims ( Gutek, p. 118 ) . Calvin set up a relationship between instruction, spiritual orthodoxy, civil order, and economic prosperity ( Gutek, p.116 ) . “ If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways ; so will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their wickedness, and will mend their land ” ( 2 Chron. 7:14 ) . When Madelyn O’Hair succeeded in taking supplication out of our public schools in 1964, our state turned off and today we see the consequences.

A Discipline

The apprehension of the emotional demands of pupils is an of import portion in a instructor ‘s subject direction program. If we realize that the kid comes to school after a dark filled with force and intoxicant or drug induced behavior, we can understand why the pupil may shout or interrupt or decline to take part. Often the school is the safest structured environment the kid sees. Public schools have been forced to be non merely the centre for academic and accomplishments developing but besides the footing for set uping unafraid human relationships for kids.

Carey ( 2007 ) states “ discipline arises through activity ” . When pupils are engaged in hands-on acquisition, are being successfulA at meaningful undertakings, and receive positive support, subject will be minor — a consequence of childs being childs. No contrived plan will extinguish riotous behaviour in the schoolroom without a moral foundation in the household and in a society without bounds and boundaries for single behaviour.

The doctrines of Rousseau and others “ If it feels good make it ” , has led to a child-centered attack that has had negative deduction for schoolroom control. Children need boundaries in order to develop self subject. Harmonizing to Montessori, “ obeisance is the foundation of society and civilisation ” ( as cited by Carey, 2007 ) . “ For whom the LORD loves He chastens, and flagellums every boy whom He receives ” ( Hebrew 12:6 ) . If the Father of liquors corrects those He loves, so instructors, who care about their pupils as Pestalozzi desired, must train those they teach.

Role of the pupil and instructor in the procedure of larning

With the influence of pedagogues like Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Froebel, and Dewey the kid became the centre of larning. Froebel introduced the construct of allowing kids “ grow freely as workss, harmonizing to the nature of kid ” ( Gutek, p. 266 ) . This secular humanist child-centered function has replaced Calvinist Christian educational theory which asserts that, “ This book of jurisprudence shall non go from your oral cavity, but you meditate in it twenty-four hours and dark that you may detect to make harmonizing to all that is written in it. For so you will do your manner comfortable, and so you will hold success ” ( Joshua 1: 8 ) .

By 1985, from primary classs through college, [ instructors ] are reluctantly reasoning that the rule agencies by which pupils may be engaged is amusement ” ( Claggett, 2009 ) . Montessori asserted that kids possessed an unconditioned thrust, called a “ godly impulse ” that stimulates their self-activity to execute actions that promote growing and that they are eager to seek and get the hang new accomplishments ” ( Gutek, p. 369 ) . Harmonizing to Dewey, the kid ‘s ain inherent aptitudes and powers furnish the stuff and give the starting point for all instruction ( Dewey, 1897 ) .

Because of the individualism of each pupil, the pupil is the driving force behind instruction and the most of import entity in the instruction continuum ( Bartlett, 2007 ) . Research shows that pupil motive, relevancy, and battle in the acquisition procedure promote acquisition. Learning is an action and is non, can non be, ‘fun ‘ at all times. Learning does non occur by osmosis and pupils must be willing to use energy and thought procedures to be successful All pupils can larn, but non all pupils learn in the same manner, at the same clip, and at the same rational degree. Cognitive ability, non politically correctness, plays a major function of what a pupil can and will larn.

Teachers must set up relevancy, provide expertness, set up involvement, in facets of course of study design and methods of learning pertinent to set uping relevancy and thereby actuating pupil acquisition ( Kember, , 2008 ) . A trueness to human dignity-and human possibility-is maintained when the instructor is loyal to the cognition and/or accomplishment being learned ( Vandenberg, 2009 ) .

How does larning happen

The encephalon is the most intricate and complex mechanism God created. Theorists such as Froebel and Rousseau realized that a kid was similar to nature, like other things of God ‘s creative activity ; they pass through assorted phases of development — from a seed to an oak tree. God created the head to larn but as a consequence of genetic sciences ( the wickednesss of the male parents are passed on through coevalss ) , environment ( where, when and how one lives ) , and physiological damages, all pupils can non larn all things.

The encephalon is influenced by outside factors ; active engagement in experiences encourages encephalon growing ; acquisition, playing, good nutrition contribute to acquisition ; acquisition is a societal activity ; chemicals in the encephalon affect memory and acquisition ; vocalizing and music affect release of positive encephalon chemicals ( Sprenger, 1999 ) .

Professional development

In order to advance literacy in reading and mathematics, the NCLB act emphasizes teacher professional development based upon scientifically based research methods of direction. Eramus believed instructors needed to be knowing persons and possess a dominating cognition of their topics ( Gutek, p.103 ) . Mann held that “ inadequately prepared instructors had lowered the quality of direction ( Gutek, p. 224 ) .

In the age of engineering, encephalon research is bring forthing new information daily on how the encephalon plants and how it can be applied to the educational scenes. Teachers must be exposed to the methods and research based schemes in order to supply the best instruction possible to each and really pupil.

Course of study

In 1867, John Stuart Mill stated, “ In every coevals, and now more quickly than of all time, the things which it is necessary that person should cognize are more and more multiplied ” ( Mill, 1867, p.5 ) . Since Mill ‘s clip, cognition has exploded. Huge sums of cognition, beyond Plato ‘s wildest imaginativenesss, are everyplace and still the inquiries remain: What should be taught? Who should be taught? When should it be taught? How should it be taught?

A Harmonizing to Mill, “ the annoyed inquiry is whether general instruction should be classical aˆ¦ or scientific ( Mill, p.4 ) . Educational theoreticians from Plato to Spencer to the U.S. Office of Education have focused on these issues and we still face them today. An attempt to reconstruct “ disciplinary asperity ” to education began after WWII with the scientific systems believing attack to acquisition ( Rudolph, 2002 ) . The cants today are “ rigor and relevancy ” in the educational circles. Yet 30 old ages after the analytical systems-based course of study reform motion, Sykes provinces, “ American schools are in deep problem, non because they lack work forces and adult females who care about kids, but because they are dominated by an political orientation that does non care much about larning ” ( Sykes, 1996 ) . Harmonizing to some, we must develop more plans similar to West Springfield High School to “ assist pupils in using engineering to their demands and in doing intelligent judgements about jobs associated with engineering? ” ( Alukonis & A ; Setter, 2008 ) .

A The Greco-Roman philosophers, Confucius, the Renaissance reformists, and the useful progressives focused on instruction as the way to bring forth the perfect ideal society. Knowledge becomes a agency to an terminal. Who can possess knowledge? Calvinism promoted reading and composing for every one which is the ultimate end for UNESCO today. How do we learn and what do we learn? A Today a broad humanistic disciplines course of study is offered to all. Harmonizing to a recent survey, 63 % of the work force accomplishments today do non necessitate a college instruction. What is the intent of obtaining cognition? What type of cognition is needed to make the “ greatest good for the greatest figure ” ? Spenser promoted “ direct experience ” in the existent universe and individuality. Sykes contends that “ American pupils are unable to efficaciously vie with the remainder of the industrialised universe, because our schools Teach less, expect less, and settle for less than do those of other states ” ( Sykes, p.9 ) .

A We are in an age defined by planetary competition, alteration, immediate information and communicating. The gait of alteration has become so rapid that the accomplishment set required is non sufficiently being met by the public schools. Basic accomplishments such as reading, authorship, and mathematics will still bring forth persons who based upon their God-given endowments will stand out in problem-solving, critical thought, and inventiveness necessary to prolong personal felicity and social part.


Learning does non happen in isolation. An person ‘s ability is influenced by his environment, his background and experiences. To supply the best instruction possible, a school system must join forces with parents and community to guarantee that each kid is having an instruction that will supply the best chance for him or her to make his or her highest potency.


Mann, who is considered the male parent of America ‘s public instruction, wrote, “ Education, so, beyond all other devices of human beginning is the great equaliser of the conditions of men-the balance wheel of the societal machinery ” ( Gutek, p.225 ) . He believed that the school course of study should supply the same basic cognition and accomplishments every bit to all its pupils.

The same basic cognition of history, literature, scientific discipline, mathematics and the humanistic disciplines should be provided for every kid in the public schools. This basic cognition should supply cognition necessary for responsible citizenship, for national prosperity and development, an economic equaliser, and to transfuse moral and values as Mann provinces.

. Today the reconstructionist theory shriek for the “ multicultural ” course of study for minority pupils who are deprived equal instruction of the “ white elite ” commanding category.

Educators must be cognizant of the concealed docket of the societal reconstructionists who have as an ultimate end, the devastation of capitalist economy, patriotism, Christianity and democracy as we know it. Cultural diverseness and multiculturalism is a political docket to destruct the capitalist system of the United States from within utilizing the calls of the oppressed as the come-on.

Many people with civilizations, linguistic communications, and tegument colourss other than the American mainstream ‘s are treated as 2nd category citizens in our schools. Christians in instruction demand to contend racism and cultural differences: “ there but for the grace of God go I ” . Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40, “ every bit much as you did it to one of the least of these, my brothers, you did it to me. ” Christian pedagogues will encompass all pupils as kids of God, and will supply equity and equity in a diverse and multicultural schoolroom.


NCLB ties public school answerability straight to federal support and has as its end, literacy in reading and mathematics for all kids by 2014. Annual province and school territory study cards inform parents and communities about province and school advancement ( USDE, 2003 ) . Accountability based upon one-year testing and criterions for reading and math has become a major portion of public schools.

Assorted appraisals techniques have been suggested other than traditional proving such as portfolios and public presentation appraisals that focus on the presentation of command of a undertaking. Test scores entirely can non be the step of a school ‘s success or of a pupil ‘s accomplishment but basic cognition and indispensable accomplishments must be assessed in some mode to supply information on the success of both direction and pupil ability.

Teacher and student/ parent relationships

Pestalozzi recognized that the affectional side of human nature, emotional growing, was every bit of import as cognitive development ( Gutek, p. 162 ) . He maintained that the educational scene must be based upon a clime of emotional security. Classroom fortunes may impact the encephalon ‘s chemical science in either a positive or a negative manner ( Sprenger, 1996 ) . Supplying a safe environment for pupils is the duty of both instructors and parents. Before larning can happen, instructors must recognize the emotional demands of pupils affect their behaviour and abilities to believe cognitively. Communication with parents is the ideal manner to help instructors in making instructional methods based upon the demands of single pupils.


In adult male ‘s ego-centered life, he continues to construct the Tower of Babel. After 5,000 old ages of civilisation, adult male has non reach utopia, nirvana, or heaven through Plato ‘s quest for cognition, Aristotle ‘s exercising for reason ; Quintilian ‘s rhetorical goodness ; the merge of Aquinas ‘s pragmatism and Catholicism ; Erasmus ‘s Christian humanitarianism ; Calvin ‘s Evangelical Protestantism ; Comenius ‘s vision of Pansophism ; Rousseau ‘s, Froebel ‘s, and Pestalozzi ‘s kid tolerance ; nor the hawkish rebellious reconstructionist thoughts of Dubois and Freire. Man continues to seek beyond the stars, beyond the universe but can non and will non happen the ultimate Truth nor the ground that adult male exists. Not until the Creator of the vas determines to uncover the truth to the created, will adult male make “ cognizing ” . “ The earnest outlook of the creative activity thirstily waits for the disclosure of the boies of God. For we know that the whole creative activity moans and labours with birth stabs together until nowaˆ¦ ” ( Romans 8:19-22 ) .

Aquinas asserted that a individual was “ called ” to learning in a manner that was similar to the priest ‘s career, a call to service ( Gutek, p. 88 ) . A kid is life, a gift of God. A true instructor has for his or her motive that which will advance each person ‘s ability to go the individual harmonizing to the perfect will that God has determined. Adequate schooling must fix immature people to move responsibly in all countries of their lives.

We must work to construct duty whenever we can to advance God ‘s land being realized every bit much as possible in the here and now. This is our naming and this is our work as Christians.Christian pedagogue must gently, fondly, accept every pupil and work with their differences, demands, hang-ups, idiosyncrasies, even sins-constantly patterning the high criterions of the Christian life and a personal, responsible integrating of religion and acquisition that finally can be emulated by the pupil ( Holtrop, 1996 ) .

Plato, a establishing male parent of Idealism, asserted that world is immaterial or religious. For Plato, the male parent of Idealism, thoughts are the lone true world, the lone thing deserving knowing. He argues values are cosmopolitan irrespective of topographic point, clip, and fortunes ( Gutek, p. 39 ) . Plato believed that the hunt for the truth is an interior hunt to remember thoughts latently present in our heads ( Gutek, p. 40 ) . In idealism, the purpose of instruction is to detect and develop each person ‘s abilities and full moral excellence in order to better function society. Based upon a Christian worldview, I agree with the premiss of Plato that truth and world are a religious pursuit, although I assert one can merely achieve the truth through the Word of God instead than from remembering cognition from a anterior being. My religious strong beliefs and positions of absolute truth can be labeled as a Christian Idealist.

For the Perennialist, supplying cognition of ageless truth and readying for life is instruction ‘s most of import intent. Teaching basic topics such as history, math, scientific discipline and literature provide cognition of adult male ‘s battle and accomplishments. My educational doctrine may be viewed as a theist Perennialist based upon my belief that human nature ne’er alterations and thoughts and truth are changeless based upon Holy Scriptures ( Cohen, 1999 ) .

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