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Five paragraph essays are the contemporary essay style for writers in Basic English. The style of writing is made for students and academics for its basic and laid down rules that can be followed to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in essay writing. Five paragraph style of writing is only permissible fro essay writing in order words articles, letters, and other forms of writing are not limited to five paragraph, they can exceed five paragraphs or be smaller depending on the vastness of the topic of discussion.

Five paragraph essays first start with an introduction. Being a paragraph on its own and the first, it is virtually the most important paragraph of a five paragraph essay. The introduction has the responsibility of arresting the attention of the reader with its thesis statement. The thesis statement is a summary of what the whole essay has to offer. The structure of the thesis statement determines if the essay is going statement.

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Closely following behind the introduction is the main body of the essay. While the introduction arrests the radar, the main body has the duty of retaining as well as maintaining the attention of the reader. It has been observed that a person can start reading an essay and drop it half way even when the introduction of the essay is perfect. In five paragraph essays, the main body which is made up of three paragraphs is the place for point development. The points as many as it are organized in a way that all the ideas which are similar are put together in one paragraph all following a logical sequence. All these paragraphs in the main body of a five paragraph essay linked together with transition words. Transition words in five paragraph essays ensure continuity and alliance between one paragraph and another.

For the main body each of the paragraphs is started with a topic sentence witch is a summary of what the paragraph is talking about particularly. Five paragraph essays are rounded off with a concluding paragraph. In contains a report of the thesis statement in the introduction but in a restated form, a summing up of the body and an ultimate statement showing that the essay have come to an end.

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