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Five paragraph essay outline is a blueprint that helps teachers in teaching and directing students on how to write five paragraph essays. Outlines help them to organize their ideas, and put it in a manner that it follows a logical order, as well as arrange their details to best explain these thoughts.

The first step in an outline is to choose an excellent topic. The topic should not be limited or too broad. A topic is too narrow if there are no sufficient ideas for discussion. These ideas should be three or four at least. Also if a topic is too broad it makes it difficult for the writer to coordinate and organize his points. For example single topics like agriculture, communication, football, and banking are very broad topics; it will work better if the writer chooses something like forms of communication, internet banking and sub topics of like manner.

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The second stage is to organize the essay in the way the writer wants it to turn out. The writer does this either in the basic outline form which involves the topic, the first paragraph containing the thesis statement that enlightens the reader in the general direction of the essay, the body consisting of the other three paragraphs discussing single ideas with supporting details, and finally the concluding paragraph. The writer could also use a graphic organizer. It is in form of a spider web with the topic at the center and the other ideas in the following circles.

The third stage is writing the essay. At this stage, all the things the writer has put down in an outline begin to come into play here. This is the stage where the major work is done. However the essay turns out is dependent on the writer. At this stage, it is important to note that good transition words are needed and important. This words link one paragraph to the other and ensures continuity on the part of the reader. Also, proper beginnings are required given that it captures the attention of the reader. In addition to that is the fact that the essay should be grammatically correct and error free. Wrong Spellings should be checked and corrected and the conclusion of the easy should leave the reader something to remember.

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