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The choice of a five paragraph essay topic is one that has created problems for a lot of scholars. The kind of topic, what area of concentration, how to go about writing the essay, and even when a topic is finally singled out how well the writer understands the topic, are the issues that are considered before a topic is selected for a five paragraph essay.

Deciding on a five paragraph essay topic can be challenging underlying the fact that whatever area a person chooses a topic from, and however well a person writes an essay, it is a mirror of the writer. Everyone has a definite style of writing that differentiates one writer from another. Therefore every essay has something to say about the writer. In the choice of a topic, one must be careful to choose a topic he is very conversant with and will have a good reflection of who he is.

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The Inspiration or the option of any five paragraph essay topic can come from the problem at hand or the rationale for writing the essay. For scholars, it could be direct questions in exams or for assignments, and for others it could be for the cause of events in ones immediate surroundings. Whatever the case, a person should be ready with an idea or area of which he would want to select a topic from. In some other cases, topics are given to individuals and they are allowed to write on them.

It is advisable for a person especially when left with the ultimate choice of picking a five paragraph essay topic, to select a topic that is not too vast, and at the same time not too narrow. Topics like Education, Agriculture etc are too vast. How can one organize such topics into five paragraphs? It will be better to choose more direct topics like essentials of Agriculture, importance of Education in the modern world, that way he is able to channel his discussion to a particular direction. However, too narrow topics may pose an even bigger problem to the writer. There may not be enough supporting details for the topics and therefore the essay may lack flesh and will be poorly written.

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