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The other advert I took from the SORTED magazine is for a mobile phone game “Fifa 2004”. It is aimed at young adults and teenagers of both sexes but predominantly males, who are interested in gaming and football in particular. This advert also has a formal layout and is in the imperative mood e.g. “Don’t just play the game. Live it”. The whole advert is a large image with very little text on it. The logo of the game is in the very centre of the page with role models from the world of football above it. This advert is informative as it is telling you about the game and how you can get the game. It has a secondary purpose of being persuasive using the slogan at the top of the page to improve the appeal of the product. Monosyllabic words are used in the slogan to make the sentence simple and easy flowing. It also has an exophoric reference as it refers to “The game” being something outside the text.

In the first advert from the FHM magazine on “Lynx” deodorant, I found it to be aimed at young males again that are interested in their personal hygiene and their perception by women. I noticed it to be very simple and informal. It is persuasive as it is attempting to sell the product by the use of sex. This also creates interest through humour. The advert suggests that purchasing the particular product will lead to you being able to pull the zip down on the females’ jeans. The whole advertisement is an image with very little text and minor sentences. There is a small image of the product in the bottom right corner of the page as well. Word play is used as it suggests that you can “Touch” the body of the female, which also is the name if the product. There is no real use of personal pronouns but a relationship is attempted using sexually orientated images.

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The second advert from the FHM magazine is for the alcoholic drink “Beck’s” and is aimed at young adults, mainly males, who are interested in socialising. This advert has only one word and an image on the whole page. There is wordplay on the minor sentence “Exhibitionist” implying that the bottle of lager is an exhibitionist by lifting its label (like a woman may lift her skirt). This personification of the bottle creates persuasion by humour and interest. The advert also suggests that consuming the product may lead to the sexual activity with a member o the opposite sex. The advert is in the declarative mood and has a very simple layout with one large image being focused in the very centre of the page.


After analysing the adverts I can conclude that advertising manipulates images and language so that it can gain more sales. The adverts from SORTED magazine, being aimed at younger males, have no sexual content and have more textual information in them, as subtle jokes may not be understood. Also, they related to promoting healthy lifestyles e.g. participating in sport, both basketball and football. Young people can relate to these adverts, as they always want to be involved with the latest fashions and technologies to impress each other. They would not be so suitable in a magazine aimed at older males as they would not stimulate an adults mind and draw them to looking at the advert for more than a couple of seconds.

On the other hand with the adverts in the FHM magazine, they are both sexually orientated and are attempt humour. They both promote unhealthy lifestyles of drinking alcohol and misbehaving with the opposite sex, which would not be suitable for young males. They contain language and topics, which may not be understood by younger readers due to its mature editing. Adults relate to these humorous magazines, which promote to the reader, using their products in their leisure time as readers may see it as an escape from the realities of life such as work and family.


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