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In this second visit of eddies the conversation stays fairly short between them both he discusses once again Rodolpho and Catherine, at that stage he is very unstable, he detests Rodolpho and as has be come infatuated with Catherine. Eddie has had no relationship with Beatrice for the past few days and when Alfieri once again tell him he cannot help him, the law has nothing to offer Eddie and the most important speech of Alfieri’s actually spells out natural moral law; ‘The law is only a word for what has a right to happen’.

The importance of family is re-stated here (‘her mother’ll turn over in the grave!’) as is Eddie’s conviction that Rodolpho ‘aint right’ Eddie. Eddie is still insisting that in the kissing episode shows that Rodolpho is no man; Alfieris question, ‘What did you do that for? ‘ seems a more greater searching of unseen aims. The scene here is very brief, and ends with Eddie being lured to the telephone. The only solution that seems to be left to Eddie that he must call the Immigration Bureau and grass Rodolpho up to get rid of him once and for all, he wants his Catherine back, but this way means he will not be welcome in his community, Alfieri calls onto him’ You won’t have friend in the world, Eddie!

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Even those who understand you, even the ones who feel the same will despise you! ‘ but he is still apparent at the phone. ‘Give me the number for the Immigration Bureau’ Eddie has chosen now to ring and notify the Illegal Immigrates. He gives the address and he’d done it could he maybe later regret it? He slowly hangs up. This was definitely the wrong the to do in Eddies case, this was defiantly away to get rid of Rodolpho but not a very great one, all different consequences now he has to face.

He has not thought this through at all. Eddie the man that valued his reputation just went against everything that he has valued and believed in, he has now proven that know matter how much love that he had he still wanted more, he is greedy. He has become extremely obsessed with Catherine not been able to be his any more! He is destroying love. There relationship is no more, even though they love each other as any family do, there is too much of this love. This selfishness leads to great dismay.

Eddie tries to break up there relationship but keeps failing to do so. Eddie is also notified that the wedding of Catherine and Rodolpho is going to happen next week; he will not attend the wedding. Catherine wants him to attend but is hardly enthusiastic about it. He arrives home, and his guilty conscience comes crashing to the floor when he discovers that Marco and Rodolpho have moved into the apartment and a new family have moved into their home. ‘Immigration, open up! ‘

Eddie is now subconscious that the immigration will arrest the wrong people. The cousins are caught, Eddie and the situation is very heated as the offices arrest the cousins, and this sends a chill down eddies spine! Marco breaks through the officers and hits Eddie in the face, Marco then shouts at Eddie, about how he is a liar and as killed his children, the officer tries to restrain Marco (Eddie did not at all think about this) and the whole of the street are stood at the pavement in silence watching the event.

Marco is still on the rampage then spits on eddies face declaring that Eddie is ‘scum’ as that the lowest thing that any one could do, as this declares hatred and the whole of the neighbourhood has now heard and seen the whole affair. This leaves Eddie quite nervous, he has betrayed his family and he will be no longer welcome in his community, he has let down everyone, he is the new Vinny Bolzano. His main concern is his reputation; he can see a situation where, at best, an entire neighbourhood will ignore him and we doubt that very much. Nobody is on his side he has no back up.

This also has really shocked his wife Beatrice this betrayal has horrified her! The cousins are now in custody and Rodolpho and Catherine are now engaged. Eddie stays at home sitting in his rocking chair whilst Beatrice is left torn between the two situations. The cousins are able to be free from prison for the wedding just as long Marco promises not to go looking to make trouble with Eddie Even though Beatrice declares that Eddie must join the wedding he still refuses, why would he want to watch his baby been given away to a scum like Rodolpho?

He becomes obsessive once again and will now not Beatrice go. He tells her that if she goes that they will no longer be together which hits Beatrice hard! Rodolpho is now in the picture and enters Eddies house, Eddie becomes furious. Rodolpho doesn’t want trouble and apologises, he wishes to say sorry for not asking permission for Catherine’s hand in marriage and for bringing all the trouble, but he is not without pride, he also states that Eddie has insulted him to but does not need an apology: ‘maybe God understand why you did this to me’. But Eddie does not accept, is there a place for forgiveness?

He also warns Eddie that Marco is on his way, Eddie becomes the mad man and affirms that he wants his name back he wants Marco to tell the whole street that what he had said the day before was all a lie, but Eddie knows that Marco will never do this, this is what he wants not an apology from ‘a punk’it is not him that has stole his name. However when he does he only speaks once ‘Eddie Carbone! ‘ but there is no indication of his violent mood. Eddie than ‘flinging his challenge’ ‘Yeah, Marco! ‘ no actions are made until Eddie moves. Rodolpho truly doesn’t want any trouble at all but he assertively shouts ‘no, Marco!

Please Eddie he has children! You will kill his family! ‘ Reckons to Marco that he has come over to apologise? ‘His eyes murderous and he cracks his knuckles in his hand with a strange sort of relaxation’ We also see that Eddie demand his name back, he calls him a liar! Eddie has his arms spread as if to say come on then, and Marco has the mirrored the same image. They are both furious and I feel deep down Eddie realises that Marco has power over him. Even after eddies obsessive change some of the real Eddie remains as he still has too much value for his reputation and dignity.

Eddie then lunges for Marco, then Marco strikes Eddie beside the neck (Eddie is no match to Marco he is crumbling he his not powerful enough even though he thinks he is! ) the rage in Eddie builds and still stays fighting with Marco, even though he stands little chance of winning. The lethal knife, which of course Eddie has pulled out, he then again tries to make Marco apologise ‘you lied about me, Marco. Now say it. Come on now, say it’! He tries to force it into Marco, but Marco turns the knife like a flash and turns it towards Eddie. Everyone then rushes towards to separate them.

But Eddie then falls upon it while in the arms of Catherine and B while calling his name again and again! ‘Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you’ ‘Then why- oh B! ‘ Still on his deathbed asking her why she was bad to him, he is a one-minded man, he only thinks of his self and will not listen to anyone else! He then sorrowfully dies in the arms of Beatrice and Catherine. Beatrice covers him with her body. At the beginning of the play we see that Eddie is a loyal man who believes in morals. But we see toward the end we realise that he was an extreme obsessive man because of the situation he found himself in with Catherine and Rodolpho.

He finally found himself up against somebody that could take Catherine away from him and so he reacted in a severe and obsessive manner causing circumstances to become out of control. Could that Eddie reaction was due to the lack of power that he felt that he had after the scene with Marco and the chair. Or could the reaction be deeper than this, could have Eddie felt so insecure because of the over ruling ‘mafia’ gang that he felt insulated and unable to speak out, but still this is all links to the feeling that he had over his lack of authority in the community and even his own home.

I think that what Catherine an d Beatrice feel is that they have lost someone very special, but they new either way that this was going to happen, Beatrice has lost her husband and Catherine her father figure, there feelings seem endless and sorrowful. As we can see in the last seen, Beatrice is truly in love with this man, when she covers him with her body. Also Catherine’s last words where an apology to Eddie. Alfieri reflects back on the events on the play, who recognises the death of Eddie Carbone should serve a reminder to those who must carry on, and to the audience that ‘it is better to settle for half, it must be’

Eddie is then the subject of the calamity- not that it is heroic or understanding figure in the play, but he is the one with the most character and problem the audience has most fully known, the one whose force has driven the tragedy. It is obvious that Miller shows Eddie Carbone as a tragic hero in ‘A view From the Bridge’. In the conclusion of the play only two people keep their respect for him, his wife Beatrice and Alfieri.

‘I confess that sometimes perversley pure calls to me from his memory – not purely good, but himself purely, for he allowed himself to be wholly know and for that I think I love him more than all my sensible clients. ‘ It is brought more to our attention of Eddie being a tragic hero because of the ease of his character. Even though he does become vicious, Eddie isn’t two-faced towards other people and he is a man of principles. It is probably his problem of not taking notice of what is happening in his life and also being an open character, you can see his reasons for doing something straight away.

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