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This quote tells us that he has strong values and represents justice for every one. Doctors were seen as trustworthy, honourable and reliable people and by committing a crime they betrayed the Victorian ethics and codes. In every classic detective story there is a sidekick and for Holmes this is Watson. A sidekick is needed in a story for many reasons such as preventing the detective looking egotistical, and ask questions about red herrings and clues to help the readers understand the clues.

Watson hero worships Holmes and this is evident in the stories. ‘ Had no keener pleasure than in following Holmes in his professional investigations and in admiring the rapid deductions as swift as intuitions, and yet always founded on logical basis, with which he unravelled the problem which were submitted to him. ‘ This means that Holmes has almost a sixth sense, his intelligence, which helps him solve his cases. Watson continuously talks about Holmes brilliant skills and it makes Holmes look really intelligent.

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‘ My participation in some of his adventurers was always a privilege which entailed discretion and reticence upon me,’ this quote was taken from The Devils foot and this again demonstrates Watson’s hero worship and the fact that he feels privileged to be associated with Holmes. It also means that Watson gets to see the cases first hand and he gets to assist Holmes in solving his cases. Another thing that makes Holmes look intelligent is that Watson is really unobservant next to Holmes. He does not mention certain things. This makes Holmes look even more observant and even more amazing.

This is demonstrated in The Speckled Band, Holmes amazes us by demonstrating his skills and telling us how Helen Stoner travelled. This would not have been so amazing if Watson had told us about the mud marks on her dress and the train ticket she held in her hand. This makes Holmes seem more intelligent than he might be. Another example of this is again in The Speckled Band, ‘You have evidently seen more in these rooms than was visible to me. ‘ Watson is the perfect sidekick and this can be seen in studying his character and the stories.

Watson is a doctor, which makes him fairly intelligent. According to the Victorian values a doctor is trust worthy, honest, confidential, friendly, honourable, and respected. This can be seen in ‘The Man With The Twisted Lip’ as we find that Watson is a man of his words: ‘I promised her on my word that I would send him home… And so in ten minutes I had left my armchair and the cheery sitting room behind me. ‘ Watson is respectful towards women, he represents values of the middle class readers. Another example of Watson being respectful ‘Your wife has been waiting this two days for you.

You should be ashamed of you self. ‘ This quote taken from The Man With The Twisted Lip shows Watson as a person with morals it also makes Watson the perfect person to write the stories, as people will think that he will write the truth. As a doctor he has excellent skills of observing and describing which is an aid for us to recreate every event that happened in the story while we read. In addition to this, the stories are written as Watson’s journal in the past tense, reassuring the reader, as they know that the case has been solved.

Good has come over evil and that the streets are safe once again. Holmes finds Watson a great friend and this can be seen in the quote from The Man With The Twisted Lips. ‘You have a grand gift of silence… it is a great thing for me to have some one to talk to, for my own thoughts are not over-pleasant. ‘ This shows that Holmes appreciates having Watson as a friend and he helps Holmes sort things out in his head by listening to his thoughts. Another example of Holmes treasuring Watson’s presence is in The Speckled Band, ‘Your presence might be invaluable’.

One of the main reasons Watson is there is because he is like one of the readers, he does not understand every thing, so he asks a lot of question to help us, readers understand the clues and for Holmes to explain what is going on to us. ‘Where is it then. But I am all in the dark’ are quotes on Watson are taken form The Man With The Twisted Lip. Watson makes the reader more involved in the stories and helps us understand what is going on and how Holmes has used his skills to get clues.

Watson asks questions like these, through out the stories. This helps the reader get some more clues that Watson might not have mentioned. Another examples of Watson not understanding is ‘ But what then did the gypsies do? ‘ ‘But what harm can there be in that? ‘ and ‘ I cannot as yet see any connection’ these are all present in The Speckled Band. He again gets Holmes to explain his theories to the reader and helps the reader to understand. Elements of gothic exotic and supernatural are always used in detective stories.

They create an interest in the story. Gothic stories were popular from the eighteen century till today, they involved gloomy places, secret passages, danger, supernatural, different and ghostly elements. These stories were written in the 1890s. People were feeling insecure as the end of 19th century was approaching. There were rumours that the world was going to end. The arrival of their crime detecting new hero, Sherlock Holmes, would have definitely provided reassurance.

Another thing that needs to be considered is that many Victorian and Edwardian people believed that Sherlock Holmes did exist and for them the fact that Holmes always finds the criminal gave a sense of security. Another way of creating the gothic element is to write about familiar places. This horrifies and attracts people as they know the places and perhaps some live or work near these places. Doyle also writes the dates and years when the incident took place this makes it even more realistic and horrific.

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