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When Doyle was writing the book “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, gothic tradition was very popular at that time, where there is often an ancient curse, for example in this book it will be the hound of the hell which leads to the mystery of dead of sir Charles Baskervilles and there is always a sense of moral justice at the end. In the book “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, Hugo Baskerville is described as “a most wild, Profane and Godless man”, all these characteristics persuade the reader to think that he was a very evil man.

Furthermore, Hugo placed the maid in the “upper chamber” as he loved her and wanted to keep her with him. This shows that he was a heartless man as he doesn’t care about the maid who will be very lonely and poor in the chamber, also, Hugo loves alcohol and if he was in wine he go mad and crazy. After Hugo knew that the maid have escaped he became a devil he said that he is going to do anything in order to “over take the wench” and this reminds us that how heartless and evil Hugo was as the maid would rather risk her life than stay with Hugo Baskerville. When Hugo was on his way to search for the maid.

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Doyle describes the horse that he is using and the atmosphere that is around them “the black mare dabbled with white froth” and this make a contrast in the colour which is quite mysterious, scary and unnatural. Also, the shepherds which go with Hugo’s friend to help for the search of the maid were ” whimpering” and some of them were ” slinking away” which creates the impression that something far more sinister , evil and powerful is going to happen. The shepherds are all behaving in a very unnatural way and this may because they felt the hound is near them.

Later when Hugo’s friends found Hugo the moon was shinning bright upon the clearing and the maid laid in the centre of it with Hugo at the side then they saw a very big hound standing over Hugo it was describe as an evil and foul creature, also a black beast with a blazing eyes which suggest that the hound is evil, and quite bloody as well as it “tore the throat out of Hugo Baskerville also the colours that Doyle used to describe about Hugo” Black Mare” and the hound ” black beast” link them both together in term of the natural order which was they were both evil, heartless and also both of them were a beast.

Baskerville hall is presented by Doyle as a very old, gloomy and un- welcomed place as it was described as a “heavy block building” and the twin towers are “ancient, crenellated” these descriptions make Baskerville hall seem to be a place which is quite grim and grey and quite suspicious.

When Sir Charles Baskervilles was found death on the moor, he was described to be dead from” cardiac exhaustion” however Dr Mortimer found out that there are “the footprints of a gigantic hound” in some little distance off his body and this persuade the reader to think that there is something mystery about the death of Sir Charles and this reminds the reader about the legend of the hound which killed Sir Hugo Baskervilles and this let the reader think that Sir Charles may be killed by the hound but not from the cardiac exhaustion.

When Sir Henry Baskerville was in the hotel, he received a letter warning him ” As you value your life or your reason keep away from the moor” Doyle described this letter as a very mysterious letter as the letter was not written by hand but it was formed by “the expedient of pasting printed words upon it” This letter was very unnatural especially the language that it used in the letter.

Furthermore, not many people know that Sir Henry will be going to the moor but only the Barry mores, Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes and the Stapleton knew it. This made the readers to wonder who will be the one sending the letter and all these persuade the reader to think that the moor and the Baskervilles Hall seemed to be more sinister and dangerous as the purpose of the writer to write that letter was to scare Henry or try to persuade him not to go to the Baskervilles Hall as he knew that Henry would be afraid when he saw the letter.

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