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Toshiba is using the value appeal technique by giving three free HD DVD movies. It is like getting a discount but instead you get movies. HD DVD movies are very expensive so, many people would want to buy the HD DVD. According to the offer, you get three free HD DVD movies. The ad has no saying of any specific movies. But, on the ad it has three movies. When people look at this they would think they would get those movies and wouldn’t want to buy the HD DVD because they would be paying extra for something they don’t want. Also, if you buy a Toshiba HD DVD and a Toshiba HD TV, you get three movies and a one hundred dollar rebate. People would think this is a better deal because they get one hundred dollars back and three movies. But, they forget that it cost Toshiba less for making the HD TV and they sell it for three hundred dollars more.

Target audience The target audience would be families. Many families would want a HD DVD so, they can watch movies with better quality. The families who buy the HD DVD would probably be families who would want the best quality in everything. They would only buy things that are the best in the world. HD DVD is practically the same thing as a DVD, but more quality. Also, the target audience is families or people with a job who have a HD TV. If you have a HD TV what’s the point of having a normal DVD. It would be the same quality as a regular TV with a regular DVD. So, the HD TV would be a waste of money. Finally, the HD DVD is expensive, so it would be a product for high-class. Altogether the target audience is rich families, since they need a HD TV for a HD DVD to work.

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Font In the ad the company doesn’t care if you don’t know the brand (in this case.) They just want you to buy the HD DVD. You can tell this by looking at the font size of Toshiba. It isn’t as huge as the other words. The ‘Get 3 Free HD DVDs’ is the hugest writing in the ad. The company probably wants you to look at that first. You would think that is cool since you don’t need to buy your first movies. Also, HD DVD movies are expensive.

But, under that writing there is writing in small letters. The writing is probably important, so the company wouldn’t want you to read the writing because they would want their full profit. Writing that is small is usually a way for you to get a discount or expiry dates. There is very important information there. The writing has the expiry date of the offer. It is valid from Nov.7/06 to Feb.28/07. If you didn’t read that and you buy the HD DVD on Mar.14/07 you wouldn’t get your three free HD DVD movies. Under that information there is more information in smaller writing. It is hard to read. Probably the writing is very important. There is writing that says that the HD DVD only works on a HD TV. If you didn’t read the writing, you bought a HD DVD and you don’t have a HD TV. Then it’s too bad for you.

Slogan The slogan is ‘six times the destruction.’ Toshiba probably chose this slogan because to get six times the destruction you have to have six times the resolution. If it is six times the resolution you can see the destruction clearer. You can enjoy it more than your old DVD. If it is six times the resolution than it is six times the passion. It is more excitement because the director gives behind the scene details of the sequence. So, it is more enjoyable.

There can’t be passion without action. You can observe the techniques of how they made their action scene. Also, it is more vibrant and colourful. It all fits together. Six times the destruction means, there is six times the passion, action and resolution. Finally, the slogan blends with the background. There is a tornado that represents destruction. The tornado is detailed, colourful and vibrant. This ad is a product advertisement because it is selling a HD DVD. The HD DVD is in the middle, which makes it stand out. The front of the HD DVD player is shown, but not the back. The back of the HD DVD blended with the background. The HD DVD is very detailed and it is in the middle ground. The middle ground isn’t too detailed.

This ad is being told through the technical appeal. This ad is using the technical appeal to tell people that buffalo and bison are not the same. Buffalo are native to Africa and Asia and distantly related to the Northern American bison. Buffalo and bison look the same but they taste different. Looking at the picture of the bison, it looks rich and tender. Unlike buffalo, which is full of fat, but healthy. It isn’t as juicy as the bison.

Many people think they are the same animal. They both come from opposite places. Bison are from Northern America so are from a colder climate. Buffalo are from Africa and Asia so they live in warmer climates. So, you can tell the difference by seeing if the mammals live in a cold or warm climate. Also, a buffalo would get affected mentally or physically if it goes in a cold climate. A bison would get affected mentally or physically if it goes to a warm climate. Finally, the ad says that 70% of Canada’s wild rice harvest comes from Saskatchewan. Many people would want to read this because the next time they go to Saskatchewan they would remember to buy wild rice since it would be cheaper there.

The target audience is people who are omnivores or carnivores that eat buffalo or bison. You might think that you bought bison, but you actually bought buffalo because they look the same. If you hate buffalo and you ate the buffalo thinking it was bison, too bad for you. By reading this ad, you would know the difference between buffalo or bison. So, you can buy bison or buffalo without the need of wasting money.

This is why the ad is targeting people who are omnivores or carnivores. Also, the ad is targeting companies who sell only buffalo or only bison. Those companies need to know the difference between buffalo and bison. If a company that only sells bison, accidentally sells buffalo too someone who is allergic to buffalo the company can get sued. The person can get sick or die. If he finds out that he ate buffalo, he can sue the company for selling him buffalo when it is an only bison store. So, the companies must know the differences between buffalo and bison, so they don’t get sued. Finally, the target audience is people who want to visit Saskatchewan. On the ad it says that 70% of Canada’s wild rice harvest come from Saskatchewan. The rice would be cheaper at Saskatchewan.

Font The font isn’t huge. It doesn’t look convincing. The only convincing part of the ad is the bison. If the font isn’t huge many people would skip the part about the difference between bison and buffalo or won’t know that 70% of Canada’s wild rice harvest comes from Saskatchewan. Then they wouldn’t know that wild rice is cheaper in Saskatchewan and next time they go to Saskatchewan they wouldn’t buy rice. On the right top hand corner there are words that say ‘name game.’ Many children when looking at this ad would think it is a game to play. But, actually it isn’t. It tells the difference between two names.

Graphic The graphics are the main part of the ad. People who see this ad wouldn’t read it without looking at the rich and tender bison. The plate stands out since the background is dark. The red is in the background making it dark the knife is almost the exact opposite of white. But, lighter, which makes the white, also stand out. The food is light and dark making the first thing you see is the food. Another technique that makes the bison the first you see is that they made the bison look as if it were on top of the wild rice salad.

The wild rice salad looks juicy. This looks tasty, but it wouldn’t look like it does on the ad if you bought it. There is no mess on the plate. How can there be no mess on the plate when there is water from the rich salad. This ad is a Public service advertisement because the ad is promoting that bison and buffalo are not the same. Buffalo is from Africa and Asia, and bison is from Northern America Also, it is informing you that 70% of Canada’s wild rice harvest is from Saskatchewan.

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