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Television adverts are one of the most often used types of Advertisement. Television adverts can last up to a minute, they can tell stories, give facts, promote companies, they can almost sell, tell or promote anything to reason. This is done by using visual, sound or special effects, by using these they are creating a mood or atmosphere. Say if a television advert was trying to promote a funeral agency, the atmosphere would slow and dark. To create this they would possibly use a black and white image and use slow music to create the right mood.

What I am intending to do is to pick two adverts. To observe and analyse. And give my own evaluation. BRIEF DESCRIPTION Travel Care: – This advert is about a travel agent. The purpose of the advert is to promote a holiday service. The target audience is adults who have the money to go on holiday. The style of the advert has a lot of humour. There is a very soft and relaxing piece of music in the background.

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There is a very strong and firm male voiceover telling you about the agency. It is set in a tropical island. There are two women sunbathing and relaxing in a swimming pool. It has a slight sex appeal. Then the swimming pool starts to move and disappears under the floor. Then Thunderbird 1 comes out of where the swimming pool was. The women are then running away frantically. Then the logo comes up and the slogan, “We’ll tell you what the brochure won’t,” is said by the narrator.

Muller Light: – This advert is about a yoghurt. When you eat it you get pleasure but someone else is getting pain to balance it out. The purpose of the advert is to sell the product. The audience is really for any age. The style of the advert has a lot of humour. In the background there is no music, there are the sounds of birds in a park. The characters are two women talking in a park. One of them is eating the product. They talk about the pleasure pain theory. While in the background a man is getting pain. The logo comes up and the slogan, “So much pleasure, where’s the pain,” is said.

ANALYSIS OF TRAVEL CARE In the advert there is a soft and relaxing piece of music all the way through. Because this is a travel agent’s advert the music is set to a theme of lounging on the beach. This is because of the theme of going on holiday mixes with lounging on the beach. In the advert there is a voice over telling facts about the travel agents. I think this is done because if the two characters said the information this wouldn’t create the effect of them being relaxed on holiday.

At the start of the advert this wouldn’t quite catch your attention. There is no element of surprise so that it can catch your attention, it is almost soundless. So what they have done to catch your attention is to use special effects. They have made it so a rocket ship blast out from where they are relaxing. This is done to catch your attention. There is a slight sex appeal to it by using two young women sunbathing. They have done this because men would be interested by it or young adults could think they are young and on holiday, why don’t I go on holiday.


The setting for this advert is in a park with two characters sitting on a park bench having a conversation. In the background there is no music, there is the sounds of the outside, birds, trees rustling, all the sounds to create the scene. In the scene there are three characters. The two main characters are the women talking on the park bench. But most of the attention id focused to the background where a man is being tortured with pain. This advert introduces the pleasure pain theory, when you eat the product you will get pleasure but to balance it out someone is going to get pain. This advert is really a one-off.


I have come to the conclusion of when you promote or sell a product of any kind, the advert has to start of with a bang, it has to catch the consumers attention. If not the advert can be a waist. Both of the adverts I analysed did not catch my attention so I wasn’t really interested as much as I could have done if the advert started of with a bang. The main difference between the two adverts was that the Travel Care information was given out by a male voiceover where as the Muller Light advert information was given out by form of a conversation. The Muller Light advert gave me much more of an impact because of the conversation. I think this is because it can be some peoples instink to try and listen to other peoples conversations. Overall I prefer the Muller Light advert. This is because it made much more of an impact on me and by doing this I have paid more attention to the advert while watching it.

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