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Edward acts childish by putting his hands over Mickey’s eyes ‘Guess who’ this shows that he is childish but is also excited and happy about Christmas. I think that Edward should run towards Mickey, quickly put his hands over Mickey’s eyes and shout this and say it in a ‘father Christmas’ voice. This would show that Edward is in a good mood and is very excited about Christmas. By contrast, Mickey on the other hand should have a quieter voice to show that he is upset and depressed. He should turn around to see it is Edward and say ‘Father Christmas’ but should say it without looking amused.

When Edward says ‘Mickey… Merry Christmas’ To make the fact that he is happy and cheerful obvious he should walk around in a fast speed and look around him self while he is talking to Mickey about him being in university. Edward should also look down at the pavement or look up into the sky. This would give an impression that he is trying to imagine his friends at university. I think Mickey should look un-amused at Edward and then turn his head so he is not facing Edward. Mickey would do this so then the audience can see that he is upset and depressed because he has not got any money.

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When Edward says ‘Come on then… I’m back where’s the action, the booze, the Christmas parties and the birds’ this quote would be said in an exited voice. To show that Edward is excited I think he should be jumping and walking around. However after Edward says this Mickey should look mad and not excited as Edward is. I think he should show hi anger by shouting at Edward and saying to him ‘you… you’re a dickhead’, Mickey should say this after Edward asks him ‘Mickey what’s wrong’,. Edward would look confused and unsure why Mickey is behaving like this with him.

Edward leaves the stage upset and hurt. This is because Mickey is gets really annoyed with Edward because he jumps up and down on the stage. Another reason why Mickey gets really annoyed with Edward is because he mentions the party and thinks that there is going to be one because Mickey told him that ‘I’ll have a Christmas party and booze and birds all ready for you when you come back’. In the story Mickey could not afford to have a party because he spent his money on his wedding with Linda. Apart from being na�ve and childish Edward is also unintelligent, this is shown by the quote ‘why is a job so important’. Edward says this by looking at Mickey with a confused look.

In this play the main theme of the play is class. The theme has been shown throughout the play and is very important particularly on pages 70-71. The theme first shown is the story when Mrs Lyons hires Mrs Johnston as a cleaner in her house. Mrs Lyons lives in an upper-class lifestyle where as Mrs Johnston, who live in a workers-class lifestyle. Mrs Lyons is given respect by others because she is a rich and wealthy woman. This is why Mrs Lyons thinks that it is all right to say to Mrs Johnston ‘Give one to me’.

This refers to her asking Mrs Johnston for one of the twins because Mrs Lyons cannot have any children. Also Mrs Lyons ask Mrs Johnston for one of her twins because she comes to know that Mrs Johnston would not be able to keep them both, therefore she think it is alright for her to ask for a baby from Mrs Johnston. Mrs Johnston is not educated like Mrs Lyons, which allow Mrs Lyons to lie to Mrs Johnston and tell her ‘all your children will be taken away by the social’. This quote also shows that Mrs Lyons can give orders to Mrs Johnston because she is wealthy and has got plenty of money. This gives her power. The quote shows that Mrs Lyons can give orders to Mrs Johnston and expect her to get whatever she wants.

Mrs Lyons says this to Mrs Johnston when Mrs Johnston regrets her decision and wants her child back. Also because of class Mrs Lyons says ‘Give one of them to me’. Mrs Lyons says this to Mrs Johnston when she is told that Mrs Johnston will be having twins but cannot afford to keep them both. This shows that Mrs Lyons can give orders to Mrs Johnston because she is wealthy and has got plenty of money. This gives her power. The quote shows that Mrs Lyons can give orders to Mrs Johnston and expect her to get whatever she wants.

Also another part of the story where class is important is when Mickey, Edward and Linda get into trouble as youngsters with a police officer. The policeman notices that Linda, Mickey and Edward are chucking stones through a window. The policeman immediately went over to the three of them and asked them what they were doing. Mickey and Linda were terrified when the policeman approached them. However Edward answers the policeman’s questions with by telling him unbelievable things such as ‘waiting for the ninety-two bus’ and telling the officer that his name is ‘Adolph Hitler’. This is because Edward was brought up to trust and believe people. In this situation Edward believes Mickey when Mickey tells him that he always misbehaves when a policeman arrives. To impress him Edward tells the policeman things that Mickey would say according to Edward. However, literally Mickey would not misbehave in front of a policeman.

In this part of the scene it is Edward who misbehaves with the policeman but Mickey and Linda are the ones who get into trouble. This is also because of class. The policeman told Mrs Johnston ‘He was about to commit a serious crime love’ and ‘You don’t want to end up in court again now do you?’ This shows that the policeman has not got any respect of manners for Mrs Johnston. The policeman also judges Mrs Johnston and makes the prank that they have done sound more serious than it is.

However when the policeman goes to see the Lyons, as he enters their house he takes off his helmet and approaches them with a totally different manner. He tells them ‘it was more of a prank really; I’d just dock his pocket money if I was you’. This shows that he has got respect for the Lyons, which is because they are rich and wealthy. Mr Lyons offers the policeman a glass of scotch, which is a bribe for the policeman in order for him not to make it sound serious.

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