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1. Sources B and C are evidence about the start of the children’s evacuation journey. Both can be described as useful but only to a certain extent. Source B is a photograph taken in September 1939 of the evacuees walking to the station in London. Photographs show exactly what is happening at a specific point in time. The photograph was taken in 1939 which was when evacuations were taking place. The photograph gives us information about how the children were evacuated and what they took with them.

It also shows the expressions on the children’s faces so we can see if they were happy or sad. Unfortunately the photograph does not show how the children were feeling so we don’t know if they were smiling for the camera or if they were genuinely happy. The photograph is only of one part of the group of children so we don’t know what the rest of the children were like and it is from one part of the country so it doesn’t show what the rest of the evacuees had to do.

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Source C is an interview with a teacher in 1988 about her memories of being evacuated. Interviews show a person’s feelings and in this source we gain knowledge of what one person went through whilst being evacuated. It is useful as it tells us of her feelings and also gives a little information about what happened. However, the interview was some 50 years after evacuation took place so the teacher may not be able to remember what happened exactly, it does not give a clear impression and there is no visual evidence to back her account up. Also the information is not deep enough to be able to give a clear impression of what went on.

Overall I think that source B is the most useful for information about the start of the children’s journey. This is because it is a photograph so it shows precisely what is happening also it shows us what happened at the start, they had to walk to the station along with all the other children and were accompanied by adults. It also shows their expressions so we can gain some knowledge of whether they were happy or sad. 2. Source G is evidence about evacuees. It can be described as being both reliable and unreliable.

Source G is from Carrie’s War which was a novel about evacuees. It can be described as useful as it had some reference of what some evacuees went through. However it is fiction which means it was made for entertainment and doesn’t have any facts in it, it was written about 40 years after evacuation had taken place so the author can not be certain about events that took place and if it is meant for evidence about evacuees then does this story give an account of what all evacuees went through?

I don’t think this source is reliable for information about evacuees as it was written along time after the event, it is fiction not fact and it doesn’t give a true impression of what all evacuees went through. 3. “Evacuation was a great success”. Some people agree with this statement others do not. The main aim of evacuation was to take children to a safer place away from the bombing to reduce the amount of possible deaths. Evacuation can be seen as both a success and as a failure. It was a success as its aim was to remove children form possible, danger it achieved this by re-homing them in places such as the countryside, away from where the bombing was taking place.

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