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The colours used to advertise Lux are rich red, golden, glistening and glamorous. Red and gold are warming and almost Christmas colours. Ideal perhaps for a present, not only for Christmas, but all year round. This advert shows a gorgeous women wearing expensive golden jewellery. Her whole image is shimmering. Dressed in a glamorous and slightly revealing dress to show off her slim and perfectly tanned figure, there is a hint of cleavage and her thin toned long legs slung to the side in a sexy position as she sits on a laid back white leather seat.

We can see a full body picture of her from head to toe. Where as the scheme of colours for L’Orial are the complete opposite. Pink, purely, bright shades which make the whole advert very girly but sophisticated. From the advert we are able to see a close – up shot of her face, from her shoulders to the top of her head. This is so that our relationship with the woman in the picture is no more than in the picture. She looks happy, but serious, her eyes I was very drawn to, as they are a bold, brown shade, with even a soft look to them.

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This shot gives us clear insight into her facial features and we clearly see that she is a very attractive and young woman. The women in the Lux adverts hand is placed on her leg as her foot is pointed just touching the floor and her other foot is placed directly upright, this position allows us to see all of her best assets on her body. Her shoes are white, clean and fresh womanly heels, with her feet showing and with a detail of pearls – relating to the product. Her dress is pulled tightly in at the top to show off her ultra-slim, polished to perfection figure, and then her dress slings out into waves of gold.

She doesn’t look as if she is posing for the camera or towards you, it is very natural and as if she has just delicately taken a seat. The woman featured in the L’Ori?? al advertisement is clothed in a low, feminine what looks to be perhaps a dress, from where it is possible to see. It is beaded with a black underneath and the beadwork is a golden shade to compliment her perfectly bronze tan, and well conditioned skin. She is wearing what looks to be very little, but natural make – up – soft and gentle, but and not to over done so that she looks as if she is trying to hard.

With no jewellery, her neck looks bare, but it does work well with the advert – it is implying that she isn’t rich enough to afford expensive jewellery, but she has enough to purchase this product. Where as the women in advert one is wearing plenty of jewellery and jewellery is a key feature to this advert. It adds huge detail to her whole image. The long crystal dangled earrings break up her face from her hair, her visibly stunning necklace that look as if they match the earrings and her golden with a hint of aqua coloured bracelet all make this women look as if she cares about her appearance and she makes a very good impression.

Jewellery is always thought to be glamorous as well as expensive and this is how she wants to look, and she does, my first impression was that this woman is obviously very well off, as this is how she appears, with all of her fine jewellery and expensive clothing. With gorgeous golden brown hair, with perfect curls, that look fresh and bouncy gives us insight into her personality, bubbly, fun – loving and bouncy, relates to her smile, she is happy and confident. Her hair is full of life and that is what this advert is trying to say, that we will look like this, we will be full of life, look as perfect as she does.

Her skin and make – up is clear and perfect, it looks natural though you are very drawn to her eyes. However, this is important in an advert as you feel in connection with the person, as if you are in their mind and they are focusing on you. Her tan in golden and shiny, as well as soft and smooth. Her smile is perfect, happy and natural. This advert is fresh looking, and makes you feel happy and womanly. The woman in the second advert has perfect skin and make – up, with a perfect white-teeth, friendly and charming smile.

Her hair is perfectly styled and straightened which is certain to have had thousands of hair and beauty products, not just L’Ori?? al’s straightening cream in order to get it so perfect and well styled. With perfect skin tone – golden brown tan, she looks stunning, especially against her soft brown hair that is sleek and shined to perfection. It is obvious that they are trying to promote her hair and the style, which is modern and perfect – with a sophisticated swift side fringe, to break up her forehead and to allow it add maturity to the image.

The star of this advert is the women herself – Sarah Jessica Parker, most commonly known for her main role in one of television’s top programme – Sex and the City. She is looked upon as one of the most important role models for women in today’s society. Originating from Manhattan in New York, she is a city girl, living a glamorous lifestyle, and this is clear in the advert. She has purposely been used for this advert as she is well known and people who recognise her and know her would automatically think, if it’s good enough for here then it must be good enough for me.

Her fans from her television appearances would purchase her product purely because it is as if it is hers, she has made it her own. The main focus of the advert is the women herself, Beyonc Knowles, formally most known from the band Destiny’s Child, but recently a solo artist. She has had several huge hits throughout her music career and has received many awards for her music talent.

Beyonc has also been the face of many other products, from cosmetics for Maybelline, hair dyes for L’Orial, and most recently Destiny’s Child (Beyonciincluded) have been chosen for the new faces and sponsors for McDonalds new World Children’s name campaign. Therefore Beyonci’s face is everywhere to be seen. And as she has already been involved in the promotion of L’Oral hair dyes, I was not surprised to see her on the face of this advert. The advertisers have deliberately used famous women in able to sell their product as we are able to relate to them, they are not just any other models, they are individuals, and we know more about them than if they were just new models that we had never seen before.

The eye contacts of both women in their adverts are extremely attractive. It is as if they are looking directly at you, trying to say something to you. It makes you feel very involved; as if they are trying to build a relationship with the reader to draw us in. The font used on the advert for Lux Shower gel is posh, italic, swirled, and it looks as if is hand – written which is also every effective. The slogan below the product name itself “Bring out the “*” in you” uses a logo of a star in order to represent the word “star”.

This I think attracts the audience to read the slogan as it would be difficult to understand if you were to just read the writing without taking note of the star logo. The star logo, is not just any old logo, it is filled with diamonds that twinkle in the advert, giving the illusion of glamour, style and wealth. The font size of this is slightly larger than the informative text about the product but smaller than the product name – Lux. Our eyes are automatically drawn to this after looking at the product name. The writing is fancy and in a clear white colour so that it looks light, fresh and clean.

Where as in the L’Ori?? al advertisement the text size varies throughout. It starting at it’s biggest at the top, and getting smaller and smaller as you eyes are drawn down. There is also more of a variety of fonts used and layouts of the text compared to the Lux advert as they have heightened the meaning of the words by using a font that relates to the word itself. E. g. – “Hot” – the font used for this is as if it is quick flashes of flames. In conclusion the first advert I feel is aimed more towards middle-aged women who are classy, have taste and style, with a high – income.

This advert is aimed towards professional women, who want to be glamorous, beautiful and luxurious. I would definitely purchase this product as the advertisers have obviously put a lot of thought and time into this advert and made it look attractive and eye – catching to women of all ages, including me. The second advert that I analysed had similarities to the first advert though they had equally, if not more differences. I think that the second advertisement is aimed more towards the younger audience and this is clear by the colour scheme and use of language used throughout the advert.

I would consider purchasing this product as Beyonc was formally known for her curly and afro – style hair, and if this product can make her hair look this good then I think to myself, imagine what it could do for me? This advert is warming as well as fun loving and well laid out, with a well known glamorous artist to promote it. In my opinion both of these adverts advert are selling to our aspirations; they are trying to sell us into this lifestyle, into new women, not necessarily to who we are, and they have both used famous, well known women to do so.

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