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The purpose of my talk was to inform and entertain an audience of verifying backgrounds and ages, presumably with no prior knowledge of the subject (carephilly castle). The mode was spoken; this allowed me to maintain a certain level of friendly informality whilst conveying a great deal of serious information. The topic of this talk could be considered quite formal considering the purpose of informing the audience.

I tried to incorporate a feeling of informality between the speaker and the audience by using second person singular pronoun ‘you’ this creates the sense that the speech is being directed at each individual in the audience the feeling of involvement that this could arouse, may make the audience members more eager to listen and join in. this feature was particular noticeable in the quotation ‘don’t you think?’, not only is this directly addressing the individuals but it is also asking for their opinions.

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Early on in the piece the 1st person plural pronoun ‘we’ is used, this also adds to the speaker- audience relationship by referring to them together. ‘Before we set off’ the relationship progresses throughout the piece and finally ends with the audience being empowered- and ‘this is your view today’. The use of second the second person plural determiner involves the audience in the talk whilst still informing them about the castle.

Since the piece is written for the spoken mode, many feature of its syntax reflects this style. For example the discourse marker ‘now’ is used frequently to begin a new paragraph. This marker sets as an indicator to the audience that there will be a topic change soon. Also in the spoken mode style is the incorporation of fronted conjunction, ‘and welcome to one…’, this feature indicates of a more informal text but also enables the speaker to pace themselves whilst speaking..

The purpose of the piece Textual Analysis This is an amnesty international leaflet about freedom and justice where the writer is conveying his meaning about innocent people who have been thrown in prison ‘just for doing there job’. Therefore it is in written mode and is formal towards the readers. The formality within the text is shown not only by the Standard English but also by the punctuation used appropriately. The primary purpose of this text was to persuade the readers to join there campaign and to donate ‘only’ three pounds a month.

The leaflet is laid out in four different columns, three of them are filled with information on justice and freedom, but the first one is a picture of a gun pointing directly towards the readers. The effect that it has upon the readers is that is immediately eye catching in the first three-five seconds on where the leaflet might be placed upon (hospitals, clinics, libraries etc). Therefore the heading underneath, very powerfully creates an effect on the readers because it instantly strikes the readers with the second person narration which has been used ‘you want be shot for reading this flyer’ and this almost leaves the audience to ask themselves what is this flyer about.

As well as different types of sentences the text also consists of different sentence structures. For instance, the simple sentences which has been used create emotive language is almost thrown at the readers ‘and they were all shot dead’. As the text follows on, in the second paragraphs, more emotive language has been used but this time it almost makes the readers feel guilty because of the use of the compound sentence. ‘The very fact that you are reading this flyer, suggest you are unlike most people around the world today’. This makes the reader think that the human rights we receive today has been taken for granted. However the writer very cleverly chooses these words because they can carry on reading further, he has just been talking about personal experience which makes it really effective.

Emotive lexis has been used throughout the text to get the readers more engage on the campaign. Nouns such as ‘torture’ have been used to create anxiety between the readers. However the simple sentence which has been used as a declarative ‘worse than physical abuse’ makes the reader feel sorry for the people who were used in this leaflet. The use of using the peoples name in this leaflet makes it sound more realistic and more emotional ‘Pablo Pacheco serving a twenty year sentence jus for doing there job’ its almost asking a rhetorical question towards the readers what if this was you? This makes it effective because of some the adjectives which are used to describe the innocent people ‘shot dead’ this creates imagery in the readers mind as to how civilian are dieing for expressing there own feelings.

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