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In relation to our human resource documents, we were largely concentrating on getting it completed to a high standard which could be related back to a professional one should they be analyzed, we did research on the internet on companies application forms, rejection letters and other such paper work, it gave us a idea on what standard we should be looking to reach. Advertisement was easy to get a hold of but other sections such as interview processes and internal documents would have to be thought of due to the lack of opportunity we would have to find them.

We separated the different documents between the 5 of us and it made it a lot easier to conduct. We did them in relation to each other as well, one would conduct the advertisements, application document whilst another would do both motivation and induction package as they would have a similar link with them. The rejection letters and interview invitations were closely related so were given to another group member, in this manner, we were able to complete the documents with minimal hassle.

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We did have to produce rough documents as well and as we were all in as group we decided to share our final copies around in order to give the member a more relative idea of what they were expected to complete, in a more simple and rough overview however. All the documents were then given to the best ICT student whom then initiated a logo and background where needed to increase the standard yet also because it segregated our work from others individualizing it.

We did however encounter a lot of difficulties completing the documents at the high standard that we though was suitable, even though they were acceptable, certain sections could have been improved. This included the application forms and the layout of the form, it was rather basic and had no professional look about it and the ticking boxes were slightly uneven, which were clearly identified and it altered some position of some of the questions once we tried to correct.

In these times we decided to get on with it and the evaluate that if we had sufficient time and funds we could have given a much more professional and detailed documentation worthy of a Coventry city council. The job advertisement was given to us late on and we were unable to change some of its weaker points, as a customer service advisor is still a position in which needs an intelligent yet also social applicant, we need the advertisement to include some aspects which expresses the want of a qualified candidate who is also comfortable around the needs of customer interaction.

The application form included all the basic details of the applicant, such as their names and personal details, but it also included some policies, asked about their education and also their employment history. Using ideas from applications forms that we researched, the member that completed this used these specific headlines which related well to what needed to be asked, it gave a good base in which we could segregate the applicants.

The first page was rather basic which was good as it didn’t confuse them too much, we could have perhaps changed the layout a bit more sufficiently had it been a managerial position, but in this case it was rather suitable and worked well. The different acts and policies based around the job role were included after yet I feel it should have been the different qualification and education degrees, this way we could have been able to see straight away if they were suitable for the job and if it was what we wanted.

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