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The constant improvement of flexibility over a footballer’s career will put them in good stead for when they are elderly, as you often find that elderly people have a very restricted movement around their joints (a common illness is arthritis where the cartilage has worn down where two bones meet and the bones are then rubbing). Yet for a footballer who has quite good flexibility s/he should find that in later life they will be an advantage to people who play little sport or sports which require very little flexibility.

This can also work negatively though, as if a football player plays too regularly without professional guidance/treatment (i.e. a sports physiotherapist) s/he could easily wear down or damage their cartilage which would obviously hinder them in their later life. Despite specialized support some professional footballers still suffer from joint problems, either a sudden injury from an accident while playing football, or an injury just through the stress on the joints from rigorous day in day out training.

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A footballers reaction times will also benefit them in everyday life, as clearly if you can react to bad situations quickly your more likely to come out of them in good health. Having good reaction times is also partly knowing what is going on around you, so in terms of health if you have good reaction times you will also have a better sense of what is going on around you.

In terms of a footballer’s health the balance they gain from playing football can benefit them in later life, as many elderly people have to rely on some kind of support to get them around; this is generally because of weakness in muscles or joints, but it can also be because of a lack of their kinaesthetic sense, and essentially a lack of equilibrium as if they don’t naturally know where their limbs are in relation to rest of their body they cannot balance properly.

All footballers will have a good cardio vascular system, and in relation to their health it is very important, without a good cardiovascular system they couldn’t play football at a high standard for 90 minutes. Also in terms of their general health, a good cardio vascular system is very important as we rely on it to get oxygen around the body. Having a good cardio vascular system will definitely make you live for longer and more healthily, compared to someone who plays no sport.

This is because the majority of deaths that occur in elderly people are due to the heart not being able to get enough oxygen to the muscles and most importantly the brain, which is what is sending the messages to the heart in order to make it contract. This usually happens during sleep when the heart it as it most rested state, and so isn’t getting enough oxygen round the body. Yet if you have a strong cardio vascular system, your heart will be more muscular and therefore pump more blood out in each contraction, so even at rest the brain will be getting sufficient amounts of oxygen at an elderly age.

Having good muscular endurance will benefit your general health as well as your footbal l, this is because when your older if you have very weak endurance in your muscles you may well need some kind of aid to get around with it, i.e. a walking stick or in more extreme cases a wheel chair, this is due to your muscles no longer having the strength to contract effectively. Although having good muscular endurance while you’re at your “footballing” age will not help you when your getting elderly, due to reversibility effects on your muscles, it will give you a head start. It’s unlikely that professional footballers will need a walking aid when they are older because they almost definitely will have a passion for sport, so will want to continue playing it more leisurely after they retire, and therefore they will keep a lot of their muscular endurance.

Even though all of the fitness components used by professional footballers generally benefit your health, particularly in later life, they can also hinder your health. This is simply because of the amount of football and general exercise they do, most professional teams train 5/6 days a week with a game almost every week. Many injuries occur during training, either due to a one off accident, like pulling a muscle or breaking a bone. Injuries can also be related to the great amounts of training and playing football they do, as obviously this has its effects on the body and after too much strain someone can easily pick up an injury. Some Injuries also occur during the match, this can also be due to wear and tear but unlike training a player could easily be injured through a bad tackle, this can happen quite easily due to the nature of the professional game and its competitiveness.

Health Guidelines Sumo Wrestling (Information about health guidelines for Sumo Wrestling were emailed too me by the owner of The minimum requirements for height and weight in sumo wrestling are 170 cm and 75 kg, respectively. Average size of the men in the top division is around 150 KG. Sumo wrestlers are usually quite quick over 5 meters but not over any kind of longer distance (i.e. they would be terrible in a 100m sprint).

They are very strong and fit for the purpose of throwing their opponent to the ground or out of the ring. Sumo wrestlers’ training is quite intense and strenuous; they train mainly on improving muscular strength (and power) and balance. They do a lot of martial arts training to improve their balance and fighting skills, which they then can incorporate into their sumo wrestling. The traditional food that sumo wrestlers eat is Chanko Nabe, which is a healthy meat and vegetable stew with rice. This meal is high in protein to build muscle and also high in complex carbohydrates to give energy, but is surprisingly low in fat. Although this meal is relatively balanced and healthy, it is eaten by sumo wrestlers in huge quantities, so that they can get the necessary amount of body composition as fat.

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