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Today whenever adverts come on the television they normally always insinuate some sort of sexual nature whether we catch the drift or not, in almost every single advert there is a hint of sex. Most oftenly they are obliviously but some of them aren’t. Some of us hack into our sub-conscience brain and then from they’re on think about it and then get the gist of it. In some ways a sub-conscience is good like it can teach us bad from good but in some cases what we think is good can actually be bad.

The use of sex in advertising has become a major selling method in the society we live in today. It began sixty years ago when a beautiful young woman introduced the first windproof lighter and a new wave of advertising emerged – The Pinup Girl. She advertised everything from lighters to laundry soap.

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Darren Brown proves that there is a part of our active brain that we cannot get into; this is the sub-conscience part. Ideas are fed into this area and are unknowingly used. This can be good; it can give us an idea that hurting people is bad: but it could also be bad; it could tell us we need to have sex before the legal age. Darren proved this with two trained advertisers. They took a taxi to the office. All the images they saw into their sub-conscience brain without them even knew. They were assigned a task and then started to draw. When they had finished they showed each other the final product. Darren then opened the enveloped and inside was a piece of paper with a drawing on. Both pictures were exactly the same. Darren then told them that he had placed images into their sub-conscience brain without them even knowing!

I then started to look at the adverting side of thing and I came across six adverts that really were persuading sex. The first one was advertising D&G Perfumes, for both Men and Women. In this advert there is a man and a women. The man is quite good looking and the woman is also good looking. She is wearing a very low cut white top and very low jeans so that a whole load of flesh is showing. This would be very appealing to men because they think that, that is sexy. He is wearing nothing on top, which is sexy for women to look at. They are both wet and the girls nipples are showing through her wet top. The boy happens to be staring straight at her breasts.

The first thing that I noticed was D&G. When you take a quick glimpse at the word it looks like the word DOG. The girl is also shaking the water off of herself like dogs do. Well, how are dogs attracted to each other? By smell! I think the advert is saying wear D&G and attract the opposite sex on smell alone! If you are female, irrespective of your looks you can attract a handsome guy like the one in the advert. If you are male, near mind the acne and concave chest, you can still pull the beautiful ‘bird’ just because she likes the way you smell.

I think that the girl is shaking herself dry ‘doggy style’, just to play father on the canine concept, if you buy D&G and find yourself pursued by a pack of ravenous dogs and not a bevy of beautiful women, don’t ask for your money back! Dolce ; Caba’s advertising has “real” women in mind; it is sensual and austere, and clearly draws inspiration from Mediterranean colours and culture. The fabrics preferred include lace, wool, and silk.

The next advert I looked at was Hugo Boss Perfume for Women. The first thing that I noticed was the bottle. The bottle is a nipple shaped bottle, and the thing that I also notice is where it is placed. It is placed right near her breasts. With the slogan ‘expect everything’. If I was a male I would be attracted to this because it says expect everything. I think that this advert is very discful as it is letting women be used as sex objects. Men and very often perverts would love to see a women wear this as it says expect everything, they would think, oh here we go, someone’s asking for it. I am very appalled at this advert because perverts use anything at all to become aware of what women want and quite frankly this advert is advertising what women want SEX. This advert5 is supposed to advertising perfume not sex.

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