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Companies advertise so they can attract more customers to buy their product. Companies can make themselves known to the public. It gives people the chance to compare prices and make them aware there is a choice and variety. You find adverts in most places on TV, radio, billboards, letters, internet, books, newspapers and magazines. Good points about advertising are it helps companies to sell products and help them to make profit, people also become well known through advertising. Bad points about advertising are that it may tempt people into debt.

This is because some people will aim to have a type of image to look good, and spend too much. Parents are put under pressure by children to buy products they might not be able to afford. In this essay I will be looking at the adverts for two cars. The colour of the car is different to the balls that it is surrounded by and this makes the car stand out. The advertisers use silver because this is a precious metal. Silver is also expensive and market research shows that people like it. The connotation is precious or valuable, like the metal. The main image that you see is the car embedded in coloured balls.

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This image takes up most of the advert. The writing is next to the car because when you look at the car the writing also catches your eye. There is a picture of the product and this is important because it attracts people’s eyes and people can see instantly what they are going purchase. Primary colours are used because they are bright and make the car stand out. The photographic techniques used are that in contrast to the balls in the background, the image of the car has been taken at an angle, which makes the car appear to be large, instead of it being lost in the background.

To improve the look of the car window wipers, seats and steering wheel have been removed. This gives the impression of a larger car. Copy There is a short sentence at the top of the advert and smaller copy at the bottom. The smallest writing on the advert is informative writing and the larger text is persuasive, the reason being that people will read the biggest writing first and the smallest last. The persuasive writing is telling you that the car is safe for kids and passengers. The informative writing tells you about the fuel economy figures and price.

The persuasive writing states that there are “curtain airbags in the back to shield the kids”. This connects with the image of having the car embedded in balls that children play in. These balls are used to create a safe playing area. The sentences are short sharp and compact. A simile used is “their life is in your hands”, to make you think you should buy this car as it especially safe. Graphics There are four fonts in different sizes to attract people to read the smaller fonts after reading the larger fonts.

White capital letters stand out on the background and this attracts the eye. The logo is blue and stands out on the white background. It is on the advert to inform and ensure the public knows the company. The company slogan is in capitals in order to sell the company. Layout The advert is designed so that you immediately see the car first. To sell the product the image and copy link together to appeal to parents with young children. The image and copy both lead to each other. So there are two things to focus on initially rather than one, to sell the product.

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