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Now we are going to look at sales department in of a company in the service industry. This type of company does not produce a product, it either sells products or provides a service. We have already looked at a retail example so we’ll look at a different example. Examples of these non-retail companies include insurance companies, banks, health services and accommodation services like hotels.

Input The inputs of this system come via the calls made to the call centre or from people accessing the website. Lots of details about the customer are recorded and stored in large databases. Companies will also have access to other sources of data about peoples credit history and financial situation. Process The processes of the system involve taking the input data and providing an insurance quote.

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Reports can be made about the sales of individual services and about other products the customer might want to buy. Reports on sale can be used to try and improve performance and suggest products to people. Output Output from the system would include communication with other departments about the products which has been sold and letting them take the next steps in the process. Other outputs would be passed back to the sales people who will ring up people suggest other service for them to buy.

Hardware Used The hardware used in this system which would put customers in a queue so that they know someone will speak to them. The system will record and monitor calls in order to increase efficiency and help train staff. The databases of information will be held on large servers and these will be linked to web servers that handle the Internet sales. Headsets are used rather than telephones, which free up the hands of the sales person so they can type. High-speed Internet connections will be needed to communicate with other parts of the company.

Vardean E-Learning Now it is time to look at the sales department of Vardean e-learning. Because we rare a small organisation we do not have formal departments, but we still need to market and sell our products. In this section you will see a video describing the role of the sales department, you will look at the types of documents we produce and you will produce some documents for us.

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