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The film is also kind of cheerless in a way how both the alien and Elliot are missing someone from there family who they really need, so they combine, they both think the same. E.T and Elliot were so close together they had a kind of bond that no one could break they had some telepathic way of communicating. Both E.T and Elliot were lonely at first Elliot had no friends and was being bullied also he was abandoned by his father. These features of Elliot really pulled in some of the kids, teenagers in this position also parents (lone parent families), they know what it feels like so they feel sympathy for Elliot and know what he’s going through.

But then again so would the people that aren’t in this position they would feel even more sympathy because they wouldn’t like to be in that position. E.T was also abandoned but not by his father but by his whole family his whole culture his whole being he was left stranded on earth which was worse how would you feel if you were left stranded somewhere you’ve never been no friends no family. So again, people start to feel sympathy for him as well. E.T and Elliot both have the same problems in a way, they both have lost a part of their family or you could say their whole family because Elliot is being bullied by his brothers and his mums never there even if she is, she is stressed out from work and in tension of running the family alone so she has no time for Elliot and she is always crying which Elliot’s confused about.

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Because of this problem both Elliot and E.T feel lonely, so they both interact and get to know each other they become friends quickly because they have the same problems they both need a friend. So they start to share the loneliness and create this type of bond which is unbreakable also E.T trusts Elliot so much, he gave him telepathic powers so they can both interact from a distance. At first when Elliot was getting bullied and ran outside he was in a bad mood until he sees the alien they see each other and scream this shows that their both scared and their both equal at this point we start to like both characters.

E.T and Elliot learn to trust each other and a strong bond builds. We know that due to the scenes when we learn about Elliot when he gives him sweets and shows E.T around the room and looks after him E.T keeps this bin mind. Steven Spielberg gives both characters sympathy and he makes them both sweet, cuddly and cute. Also, the way they show it from a childs point of view makes it appealing because the children may have been in that position and it makes them feel involved. They build up tension and comedy when Elliot’s mum comes in the room. She asks him what’s happened to your room and Elliot’s like nothing, trying to hide E.T. His mum has no idea and walks out.

Gurty is cute, funny, innocent and adorable the way she comments on everything and tries to keep a secret but can’t. They all had great times together when Gertie dresses E.T up, when E.T lets all the frogs out in the classroom. This shows he’s a person with a heart he cares for other living things and respects. This makes the film appealing because it’s humorous and it shows that the alien isn’t a bad person.

The special effect also make the film appealing and plays a big role in the film, for example, when the bikes take off this shows E.T’s powers you feel good because they are escaping from the scientist. By this time, the audience have built up total sympathy with E.T and Elliot. You’ve probably noticed it’s the title picture of the film as it is the main bit of the ending meaning they couldn’t have got away any other way, this scene looks magical, and shocking the expressions on the rest of the bikers in favor of Elliot tells it all. That’s why this scene in my opinion is appealing and grabs your attention. The escape scene was the most exciting, and thrilling it builded up a lot of tension because we were afraid that they could get caught any minute now and E.T wouldn’t be able to go back home. Also the special effects of E.T’s finger lighting up, it only lights up to do good. It brings flowers to life and heals people which really grabs the children’s attention and is appealing to them.

The sound effects are also appealing they bring life to the film. The scene when the bikes are flying it has some good music to it, so it makes you feel as if you’re flying with them. This again makes it appealing because it makes us feel as if we are involved in the film; and we are actually there. Also the voices of the scientists and the teachers sounded boring and dull which makes you feel they are evil. Towards the end, the film is so touching that it makes you cry if not at least feel how both Elliot and the alien are feeling and what is actually happening in the film. This is quiet appealing not many people young or old managed to watch the film and not have a tear in their eye.

This is very effective; Steven Spielberg cleverly found a way to get the audience involved. By putting in scenes like when the alien dies in hospital they both say “Love you” and talk as if they were father and son. This is when the music changes and the audience start to feel sorry for Elliot and ET. When Elliot has a little time left with the body of ET on his own he starts talking to him and opens the box the scientist has stored him in. This is when ET suddenly stands up and says ET phone home and keeps repeating him self. Both the kid and ET are completely hyper they suddenly got this burst of energy.

This shows how happy they both are. When Elliot goes to his brother and tells him what had happened they both turn hectic again. All this sows the love and relationship between the three they have a very close bond, also what both Elliot and his brother done for ET was very respectful they put themselves through all that risking there lives and futures just to get ET back home. When ET leaves Elliot tells ET to stay but ET says “ET phone home” then they both hug each other and Elliot starts to cry. This shows what kind of relationship they both had and how close they were. Also as well as ET and Elliot, Elliot and his brother both became closer too. The morel of the film was both ET and Elliot needs their dad and family and love. And not to hurt no ones feelings and to believe in each other also at the age of 10 children are in innocent times they believe in anything and are full of adventures. Towards the end of the film the kid gets a lot more respect from both his family and friends.

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