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By looking at the above table anyone can understand the sales for last five years. By looking at the table we can see that Tesco sales were the highest in 2003. Information presented in this format helps the business to know how well they are doing in terms of their sales. All the information, which I have described above, is for different purposes. The purpose behind the above information is that all the above sources want the public to know how and what Tesco is doing. Some of the above sources do not have any link with Tesco; they are providing the true picture of Tesco.

There are a number of ways in which this information can be used to conclude with accurate data and statistics. I have explained some of the methods below: The process of data conversion to information: In business data flows all around the business for the benefits of everyone in the company. In an organisation it is important that the organisational staff have the right skills and knowledge to transfer raw data to valuable information. Businesses can transfer this data into information by following certain procedures such as summarising information for it to make sense to the recipient and employees.

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In Tesco, the sender of the information makes sure that the information they are sending to the recipient or employees is making sense in order to avoid any confusion. In most cases the information, which senders might be sending, might have irrelevant information, which might be of no use to the receiver. This is the reason Tesco management summarise the data into relevant data so that information makes sense to the receiver.

Tesco makes sure that all the employees of the business are fully trained and have the right skills to transfer the information to different staff members in different departments. Summarising process is very important for the information to be accurate. For example in business if a manager sends some information to its junior staff, then the manager should not send the raw data/information to the staff, but should make sure that the information he, she is sending is relevant and meeting the purpose of the information required.


In Tesco data retrieved and collected by Tesco department is organised and sorted into alphabetical order, numerical order, ascending order. The reason Tesco is doing that because in Tesco too much information flows from one department to the other, this is the reason in department of Tesco documentation is always organised so that the employees receiving the information it understands the information and is able to make decisions according to the information.

Classifying: In Tesco the management make sure that they delegate or representative work to the employees to ensure that they categorise all the information into groups for easy, effective and efficient future retrieval. In Tesco information or data is categorised into alphabetical format, numerical format depending on what kind of information is documented and stores.

Microsoft Word – Powerful word processing Tesco uses Word because it has the easiest and most effective features to prepare documents. In any business this is the most useable software used to create letter, reports. The advantage of using this software is that the staff of the business can easily add or delete data at any time. The big advantage of using this software is that staff can access to on line dictionaries, which then staff can use on Microsoft word to write any letter or reports. Tesco use this software to reply to customer enquires, for example if some one has applied for a job in Tesco, human resources department of Tesco will reply to the candidate by writing a letter on this software and sending the letter to the candidate.

Excel – Spreadsheets graphs, charts: In big businesses like Tesco, this software is used all the time to create graphs, profit and loss account and so on. Main advantage of using this software is that staff only needs to add the data. The program will make appropriate graph itself. On Tesco website staff has published profit and loss account, charts, graphs by using this information. Tesco is using this software to make important graphs and charts, using this software graph can be changed into any shape for example if it is Bar Chart it easily can be converted into Pie Chart. Graphs charts can be created in seconds.

Using this software Tesco can make the graph on only March sales, instead of bringing the sales for February. Outlook – Email, diaries: Outlook with business contact manager has provided for Tesco a single place to organise emails, calendars, contacts, meeting dates and other team information. In all big businesses this software is used to transfer or send information form one place to the other. It is convenient for staff to use this software. Outlook enhancement has improved the way Tesco organise and manage information while expanding performance and connectivity. This software can be used to keep the important emails saved in the computer.

Publisher – Design and desktop publishing Tesco uses Microsoft Publisher to design and publish professional marketing materials. This software can be used to make leaflets, business cards, and posters. Tesco makes most of their promotional material by using this software. This software has helped many businesses to make marketing material easily.

PowerPoint – Presentations made easy This software can be used to make effective presentations. Tesco use this software to give presentation to shareholders about the price of each share and what are the benefits of buying Tesco shares. Tesco also use this software to give presentation to staff as to let them know how they should approach angry customers. This software has helped many businesses to make effective presentations.

Access – The Microsoft Office database This software is to store information. This software has provided Tesco with powerful database solutions that make organising, accessing and sharing easier for Tesco as an organisation. This software has helped Tesco to link business systems, help remove any errors in data and analyse information in powerful ways.

All data converted to information must be accurate, relevant, true, meeting the purpose for which the information was required. All the data, which is received by the recipient, must be relevant and easy to understand. Tesco uses Microsoft Excel to calculate, make graphs and charts. Microsoft word is used to make reports, letters. PowerPoint is used to give presentation to both shareholders and staff. Microsoft access is used to store important information; this important information can be classified as supplier’s information.

Through the use of measures such as mean, medium and mode, managers are able to find the arithmetic mean. By doing so, they are able to look at the simple average. Through the application of this method, employees at all levels will be able to understand the collected data.

For example if the manager was looking at a trend, manager need to move the average from the time series. Managers can use correlation and regression analysis to find out how closely or how widely different forecast may be. The benefit of using time series is that manager might also compute index numbers to indicate growth or recession.

With this types of calculations manager will make raw data more meaningful to him, her as well as to the other employees of the business. With the method which I have described above the data will be more meaningful, but important point to take into consideration is that accuracy will always depends on the accuracy of measuring the data in the first place.

Copy Right Act: This Law came into consideration to prevent people using other author’s work without their authorisation. This Law requires individuals and businesses to write down the authors name and other relevant information whenever they use the information of other authors. It is obligatory and essential for companies such as Tesco to follow and adhere to this law. By not following copyright laws, the author has full right to complain against the company in question and take legal action against them.

Adherence to legislation: In simple terms this can be described as following the law of the country in which the business is run. There are many laws, such as National Minimum Wages Act and the Health and Safety Act. The UK government passed these. Businesses have to follow these when preparing and presenting the results of a research. Not following the set Law, the government can take action against the business, which can also lead to closure of the business. In some cases businesses have to pay penalties for not following the Law.

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