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As the National Sales Manager for the Presentation Technologies division of Sanyo UK, your role has 3 main focuses: Managing a team of 6 sales people – a Telesales Manager, 2 product (training) specialists and 3 Major Account Managers; Managing existing accounts; Helping to develop new business. As a man-manager and business developer, you will be expected to develop, train and grow the sales team in order to maximise and increase sales opportunities ‘on the ground’, as well as advising and assisting in new business opportunities.

As an account manager, you will manage and grow some of our client’s most important accounts (primarily through distributor and reseller channels), using new product development and market increases to fuel the growth. You will also be an integral part in developing and implementing medium and long-term strategies and plans to grow Sanyo’s market share in each core product sector (projectors and monitors). This division of Sanyo UK’s business is the most important, and as market leaders in the UK, your job is of utmost strategic importance.

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Who we’re looking for You are a respected Commercial Manager with an excellent background in sales management – ideally with marketing experience to boot. Your credibility in terms of business experience, achievements and reputation within your current markets and customers is essential, as is your proven track in man-management. You will have current experience of high-level sales of high value ‘technology based’ products to high importance accounts within the Business-to-Business arena – via distributors and resellers.

A working knowledge of electronic technology will prove an asset, as will a track record in gaining, developing and maintaining new accounts and relationships. As above, this role is of high strategic importance to Sanyo UK, so your career history will prove that you are in a position to take on this demanding role. Your focus is certainly results driven and customer focused, and you always strive for a ‘best in class’ approach. Finally, as this role will require regular visits to Head Office, you must live within commutable distance to Watford.

About our client

Owning over 130 companies worldwide, Sanyo is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic products for Consumer and Business markets. On the business side, they are market leaders in ‘presentation technologies’ whilst also carrying a range of CCTV products. The presentation technology products are sold to a range of businesses – including professional, corporate, education and leisure. Their new technologies and partnerships are driving innovation in line with the company’s ethos of research and development, manufacturing and marketing to the highest level.


All three jobs advertisement/descriptions that I located on the Michael page website were the same or similar to my chosen manager’s role. However, the wordings on the job titles were all slightly different, they were not all similar, ‘Sales Manager,’ in fact just one of them was. The other two were National Sales Manager and Direct Sales Manager. This is the first and foremost aspect that I have noticed. I also noticed that when looking for similar jobs, a lot of job titles were not just simply, ‘Sales Manager’ even though this is what I searched for. This explains to me that it is a varied role that can cover many fields of work.

The salaries of the three jobs tend various, especially the ‘National Sales Manager’ job with the other two. Naturally, you would expect the highest paid job to be more demanding and this is true, as their, ‘Who we look for’ section is far more detailed and extensive. However, all three jobs have one main similarity is what they look for in a candidate, this being a proven track record in sales. As this is such a competitive field, which is measured very much so through performance, I can understand that a track record is a fundamental characteristic of a Sales Manager, as all three descriptions clearly demonstrate. Whether a Sales manager is earning 27,000 or 60,000, a proven successful track record appears to be of high significance to employers.

All three jobs offer bonuses, however the ‘National Sales Manager’ is expected to generate vast amounts of sales in comparison to the other two jobs (hence the bigger salary.) All three jobs demand that the candidates have good interpersonal skills and can build relationships. This is a key characteristic of any type of manager, as one of their basic roles is to be able to lead a team and work with others. Using the website I was able to locate a definition and extensive explanation of a ‘Sales Manager:

Sales manager The work Sales managers supervise, organise and plan the work of sales teams. They work closely with marketing staff and with field sales representatives, planning and setting sales targets for teams and individual sales people. Sales managers recruit and train sales staff, introduce new products or sales schemes, allocate sales areas, and compile and analyse sales data using a computer. They monitor performance and operate incentive schemes or devise other ways to motivate staff to reach their targets.

Some sales managers deal with a few major customers themselves, and might be called on to deal with any problems or complaints. A major part of the job is sending customer and market research information back to head office. Findings can have an impact on product development, manufacture or promotional strategies. Hours and Environment Working hours vary and will sometimes involve working evenings and weekends. The work combines office-based duties and extensive travel to visit sales representatives, customers and staff at head office. There could be nights or weekends away from home at trade fairs or exhibitions.

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