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Supermarket cashiers scan or enter the price of all items at the register in order to determine the amount of money the customer owes. The cashier must be comfortable and confident in all the necessary functions of the register and should be efficient in taking payment and counting back change or processing credit or debit cards. The cashier is also responsible for maintaining a bank of money in the register drawer that must be verified at the beginning and end of the shift by a thorough count. The cashier must also be familiar with store policy regarding the use of coupons, and be aware of how to enter those into the system in order to adjust the price correctly and file them so that the store can receive the manufacturer credit.

Qualities of Sainsbury’s To qualify and be successful in the above jobs at Sainsbury’s a number of qualities and skill in required. In order to be a store manager at Sainsbury’s the following qualities are required: To be able to handle many tasks at once This an essential quality to have as a store manager can expect can expect to have a large amount of work on at the same time e.g. ensuring that everyone is working effectively as well as solving problems which might occur during the day of reoccurring problems which will then need to identified and resolve immediately.

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To be able to prioritise effectively and decisively Due to the workload of store managers they need to be able to prioritise effectively the work which needs to be done. By doing this means that the urgent and important tasks are completed first this could be crucial to Sainsbury’s. Good organisational skills play a major role of being a manager in Sainsbury and therefore very important. To be committed, motivated and dedicated Sore managers of Sainsbury’s have to enthusiastic about the organisation and the work that they do in order to be motivated to others. They must care about their work and be committed to doing it otherwise they would not work effectively. Store managers should set a positive example to those who work for them. So they should be motivated, dedicated and committed to their work in order to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities.

Must have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Excellent communication skills are critical that managers within Sainsbury’s as managers will have to do a lot of communicating. Hey have to plan, organise, motivate and control with indicates that they will have to coach employees at their allocated store. Interpersonal skills are crucially important as to be effective in motivating people means that you have good people skill. It’s due to the number of employees, their authority, and the amount of customers in the store which makes communication and interpersonal skill vital for store managers at Sainsbury’s.

Be a leader and a team player Store managers are there at Sainsbury’s to lead and coach their employees an help them improve and reach their potential, this takes good leadership skills; however, all employees work together as a team in order to make Sainsbury’s operation successful and managers are no exception to the team so they must be good team players in order to move Sainsbury’s forward.

Well Presented and must have a smart appearance In order for employees and customer to take a manager seriously they must have a smart appearance. They are setting the example for their employees to follow and as a result of that they can not come in to work dressed messy and unkempt so their employees should not do the same. Managers have a large level of authority and dress and present themselves according to the effect they wish to have on people. Managers are also representing Sainsbury’s and so they should want to reflect their organization positively

The awareness of health and safety regulations and employment legislation Health and safety should be priority in every business; employees and customers have the right to work and shop in a safe environment and are protected by The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 which is now supported by the Health and Safety commission and the Health Executive. This is why it is important that managers monitor

Being IT literate Due to the recent improvement and development in technology it is now essential for organizations to use a wide range of IT. Store managers at Sainsbury’s need to be IT literate as their job involves various types of IT e.g. employee reports might be written up on the database and store managers would be in charge of updating the information, taking into account the size of Sainsbury it is the easiest way of communicating within Sainsbury is e-mail and so store mangers will be expected to be able to do this and also it maybe required that managers are able to present their information clearly witch could be in form of a graph or PowerPoint presentation; this would be effective in a meeting or when training employees

The following qualities are needed for Sainsbury’s supervisors To have a good knowledge of the departments in which they work in Supervisors in Sainsbury’s are given a set department that they are in control of and need to monitor. To be able to this productively means that the supervisors would have to have a good knowledge of that department e.g. bakery department, and know who exactly how it operates and who works in it.

Responsibility Supervisors are seen as a lower level of management and need to be responsible. They monitor employees in their department help and advice them where possible, they are also required to make decisions and have to be sensible since they are representing Sainsbury’s and could be damaging the business this requires supervisors to be responsible.

Need to have good organisational skills As a result of how much work they receive and their responsibilities, it is important that supervisors have good organisational skill. They are seen as leaders and need to be able to organise their team of employees and so have to be fully prepared and alert. As Sainsbury’s in a large organisation and has many departments within the store, the department supervisors need to be fully aware of what happening within the store what should be happening. In order for Sainsbury’s to operate successfully their managers and supervisors must be organised.

Be assertive Sainsbury’s have the responsibility to guide and assign their work to their task team. They have to be assertive all times to ensure that their department is running smoothly and is operating as it should be. Also that all employees are working safely and effectively. Supervisors have to make sure tat customers are safe and are behaving safely whist on Sainsbury’s premises. Have a good knowledge and must comply with Sainsbury’s regulations and polices Supervisors for the same reason as managers, have to full understand Sainsbury’s regulations and polices, they need to ensure that all employees in their department are complying with these and also that they are also doing the same and working accordingly.

Good organisational skills Good organisational skills are essential and all supervisors in Sainsbury’s must be able to organise their staff. It their job to coordinate the work and assign resources within their team. Responsibility A supervisor of Sainsbury’s should be willing to accept responsibility for task that should be done and that have been done and completed. They monitor employees in their department and advise them when ever needed. They have to sensible when they are making serious decisions because that could eventually destroy or harm the business. The following are the qualities that are need to be a Sainsbury’s employee

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