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Experience isn’t required to get a job in teaching however it would be an advantage as they know the whole process of teaching and therefore can educate the students better. An example of experience for a nursery teacher is a previous job at another nursery school or a day-care centre. An example of experience for other teachers would be teaching work experience at another institution.

A teacher is more likely to get a job if they have had a previous job involving children for example working as a football coach. This shows that the teacher is capable of teaching students. Working at a different institution is perhaps the biggest advantage to have when applying for a teacher because the teacher already knows how to teach students meaning the can teach the students in a better manner then someone who has no experience. It also means that they have a more experience when it comes to disciplining students.

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To get newly qualified teachers familiar to teaching, the people who recruited them may tell them to teach a lesson so they can see how good they are at teaching. They may also tell them to plan a lesson to see how effective they are at lesson planning. Training and Development There is a wide variety of training that is available to teachers that will help improve someone in teaching or to get a job in teaching. One example of training that is available to teacher is the (INSET) In-Service Education and Training. This type of training takes place inside the school and helps the teacher to develop his skills in a specific area such as teaching strategies.

Due to the rapid change in technology, the teachers are required to get training in the new technologies. One example of this is SIMMS. SIMMS is a school software that has a variety of features such as registers, overall attendance, grades and behaviour reports. The teachers are required to undergo training in how to use it especially the teachers who have little or very limited ICT skills. ITT training (Initial Teacher Training) is available to all teachers. This training allows newly qualified teacher to learn in a school environment learning from more experienced teachers. This training allows the newly qualified teacher to get familiar to a school environment as well as demonstrations on how to teach.

LEA (Local Education Authority) meetings and events are available to everyone not just teachers. This training is held for people to further develop their skills in areas they’re weak at for example organising. Another similar course available CPD (Continued Professional Development. This course helps the teachers to improve and broaden their knowledge in key areas (such as areas they aren’t good at) and help to develop their skills.

However, some teacher would need different training then other. For example, a nursery teacher would need training specified in childcare. However if one doesn’t have training in this area, the school/institution would most likely it for them; or if they don’t they would have to find it for themselves Every teacher is required to undertake the Health and Safety training according to the Health and Safety at Work Act. In this training the person who employs the teacher has to inform the teacher of safety tips, hazards of the work place and thing to do and not to do such as keeping wires tucker in where nobody can trip over them and keeping dangerous equipment away.

Career Progression Routes The career progression routes of teachers are all very similar. Career progression routes are the steps in which the teacher has to through in order to start teaching, for example sitting GCSE’s, getting a degree in university etc. To start off with a teacher has to sit their SAT’s exam which is done at primary school. These exams comprise of Maths, English and Science. After sitting these exams, one must site their GCSE in high school. In order to become a teacher, one must have a minimum of C in Maths, English Language and Science. Once these exams have been past it is up to the person who wished to become a teacher, what courses they are going to study at college/6th form.

The course they pick is the one they are going to teach for example if someone picks a Maths course, then they’re more than likely to teach Maths. After A levels, one must complete a degree of the subject they wish to teach which is done at university. Also in university, one must complete the Postgraduate and Bachelor of Education course. After obtaining these, it will give the teacher a Qualified Teacher Status allowing them to start teaching.

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