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Once my business has expanded and I feel that I can start employing new staff, it is vitally important that I acknowledge and apply the national minimum wage rates to all my employees so that I am not breaking the law. To ensure staff are kept happy we will always pay them an amount over the national minimum wage to each age category, this is because I want to gain respect and trust from my staff. I will make sure my staff receive a Christmas bonus and in times where my business is making a lot of profit I may offer them bonuses.

National Insurance Business owners will also be responsible for ensuring that all of the employees hold a national insurance number otherwise we could be breaking the law. If I did end up employing staff they would have to pay into the National Insurance contribution to HMRC. NICs are calculated and deducted within an employer’s payroll system. Due to my business being small this would have to be paid on a regular basis.

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Physical Resources Physical resources are the resources that are available to a business. This could be the things that are needed to run the business each day for example machinery. Physical resources include machinery, equipment, premises and materials.

If a business does not have premises they may not be able to establish and customers will not know about them, this is why it is important for a business to have premises. Premises are important as businesses need to sell products or run a service. If this isn’t the case then people may decide to run their business from home as it is cheaper and you don’t need to buy or rent new premises. There are drawbacks to this though as the customer may find it hard to find the house as it may be in an area that is not so familiar to them or it may cause problems within the family.

I chose to locate my premises in Almancil. The rent per month is �600 and the premises are in good condition. There is a customer car park, a kitchen, a bar area and toilets for both customers and staff. The reason for choosing these premises was because it is relatively cheap and in the middle of the town which is very busy. Customers will not have to park their cars on the road as there is a car park and also I could advertise my business in the town. I live close to the premises so I will have easy access to it and it is nearby the motorway. With my loan I will purchase three blending machines at the start up of my business.

The machines are a vital necessity to my business and it is my job to make sure that they are of a high quality and in full working order. My blending machines will need to be eye catching and appealing to the customers as they will be surrounded by chocolate bars, otherwise I may not make as many sales as expected and this could lead to debt because if I am not making enough money I will not be able to pay back the bank loan which will then lead to a bad credit history. I will have a fridge and freezer to keep the milk and ice cream cold.

Stock It is not good to have too much stock as it can go off but in my case the chocolate bars normally last for a while so that shouldn’t be a problem but milk and ice cream can go off easily so I need to make sure it is kept in the fridge or freezer and does not go out of date. On the other hand I don’t want to have too little stock as a customer might ask for something and we may not have it and this can mean a loss in profit as the customer may go somewhere else.

Throughout my research into stock I found it extremely hard to find a supplier that provides milkshake ingredients. When I found a suitable supplier I found that it was a little high in price. So I decided that I would continually research the milkshake market place to source new stock to find the most extensive range of high quality products and provide a comprehensive choice of chocolate.

I am aware that a healthy balanced diet is important to help maintain a healthy body weight and reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. A healthy diet should include bread, potatoes, cereals, fruits and vegetables, together with moderate amounts of milk, dairy products, meat, fish and small amounts of foods containing fat and sugar. Food from the largest groups should be eaten most often and foods from the smallest group should be eaten least often. My milkshakes will mostly contain milk which is a vital ingredient that the body needs; Vitamin A.

I will visit lots of different wholesalers such as Costco, Makro, Break brothers etc., to find the highest quality ingredients and also to get the best value for money. However quality is the key. Finding the best products is as important to me as it is to the customers, which is why I will always look for food whose origin is recognized worldwide for its excellence.

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