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In this task I am going to define a manager, supervisor and an employee for a school, I am also going to show their roles in the business and what qualifications they need and what decisions they need to make. Managers (Head of department) The managers are the staffs who handle all the finance they calculate the revenue every year and find ways to improve them. They also organize the business by setting regulations such as working times, holidays and making sure that the right amount of staff is assigned for a certain task. They set aims and objectives for the business so that the business can grow by making more profit.

They also set tasks for the employees. In a big business managers are not able to handle every single employee so they give their tasks to the supervisors so they can handle the employees this makes it easier for them to work and also get the work done more quickly and efficiently. Managers also set deadlines for each staff member this is to make sure that the work is done on time and also to encourage the staff to get their work done.

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In a school the manager is the head of department and in their job role they have duties such as making sure that the work is done on time making sure that the everything in the department is working properly because the manager has to handle everything in that department and if a problem occurs and is not solved that the manager can get into trouble and the business will also have problems. The head also needs to make sure that the funds that they school is getting are used accurately meaning that they are not wasted this is because if they are than later when the business needs them they won’t be available, the head of department will have to monitor every staff member to be able to see how they are working and if they are working at their highest standards and if s/he notices a problem s/he sets related goals so that the staff can be motivated and improve.

The head also makes sure that all the qualifications that a staff member has are related to the job role that they are assigned to because if they are not suitable for the job they might have difficulty working and they might not be able to keep up with the schools normal standard and they might miss deadlines. The head has to monitor to see if the students are been taught at a high standard so they produce quality work. The head also has to make sure that the amount of equipment they bought is of the right amount and so there is enough for every student and teacher.

If a teacher is lacking in performance then the head needs to decide what type of training s/he would require in order to improve the quality of work and performance and also if they need on the job training or off. The head will need to plan the time table at which the subject is been taught, s/he needs to make sure that it doesn’t conflict with any another subjects because this can cause problems for students as they can’t attend two subjects at one. The head needs to make sure that the students are punctual and if they are behind in their work than they can attend after school classes to help them catch up.

The head will set out aims for the teachers and for the students to motivate them. The head will set out deadlines to when a certain coursework is due in and if the students aren’t able to meet them, then they will have to spend extra time in order to finish it. The head will also set out trips in order to help the students meet the grades that the school expects from them and also for them to enjoy the lesson however he/she needs to make sure that they do not go over their budget and this also goes with the amount of books, computers,paper and any other equipment they buy. The head needs to make sure that the higher years such as year ll and sixth form, are creating a good standard for the lower years this is important because this shows how well the school is teaching and how high the manor of the students is and this creates a good image for parents and other guests.

Supervisors (Teachers) The supervisors role is to take care of the employees they do this by helping them with their progress and encouraging them to meet their weekly goals. They also help new employees by training them and helping them keeping track of their progress. They work in groups with the employees as a team leader so they can lead all of them at once to make sure no one is left behind with their progress. They also make sure that all the employees are paid on time and paid fairly.

A supervisors for a school are the teachers and their job is to teach the students the and make sure that they are meeting the standards that the school expects from them, they support them if they are having difficulties catching up with their work, they also plan out the work so that its easier for the students to understand. They have to mark the work given in by the students and also set out new coursework and homework for the students to do. They tell the students to write down the aims that they think need to be met in order for the students to improve and the support them with it.

Employees (Administrators) The employees are the ones the do the actual work set by the managers and for a school the employees are the administrators, they work under the head of year and support them by doing certain tasks for them these include, printing out letters and sending them to parents etc, they have to make sure that the head of department if informed with all the important information for example if a teacher is missing than the admin has to tell the head of department and so s/he can find a replacement.

The admin also inform the head of what teachers are free for replacement and if they are suitable for the subject that they will need to teach, this is important because if they are not able to teach the students accurately than they might give false information which can make the students confused with what their normal teachers have taught them about the subject. The admin has to make sure that the information that s/he is informing the head of the year is true because false information might waste time and also do things that are not suppose to happen e.g. an English teacher teaching Business studies. Their roles and three main responsibilities they have in the role.

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