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These numbers do not include toilets for the staff. This is of the same ratio. The regent at maximum can hold 1551 people, this means that at full capacity, going by the national average of 51% of the population being female and 49% being male, then using this ratio there must be at least 40 toilets for women, and at least 30 for men. It is also to have enough toilets for the public to use to keep them happy. An average interval lasts for about 10 minuets, the public may need to go to the toilet, get a drink, and maybe some food. If they are wasting time queuing for the toilets they will be less concerned with spending money getting food and drink. This is bad for the success of the regent,

The regent should have more toilets for the public and staff to use. This would result in them meeting legal standards, and also satisfying customers again, which is vital to the survival of the organisation as it is being run by the local council it is important that it is not run at the expense of the tax payer. The extra toilets could be placed in the outhouse, this would be a good solution to utilizing that space, as the regent have no real use for it, and also it is listed which meant that they can’t knock it down. S negative of this is that the public would have to travel outside to use them, however the regent could build a connecting bridge.

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There were limitations to this evaluation, first I made notes from the resources manager, and this means some information could have been lost in transmission, this brings me to my next point, and I have only visited the regent once, therefore any misinformation I was not able to clarify.


To conclude there are many improvements that need to be made for the regent, however these will be at a great expense to the organisation, this money would need to be sourced from Ipswich Borough Council, it is unlikely that IBC will provide all of the money to make these improvements in one go, this is because IBC have other services that they have to fund, however The Regent could complete the work in phases, spreading the cost. They could start with the small cost things, such as the Hemp and Pulley system and then progress onto the stage, which itself could also be split into different phases, as it is such a large project.


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