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I recommend that their paper-based system should be changed so that the management of the stock levels for physical resources can be done on a computer. In addition, a newsletter could inform employees that if they take any stock they must record this on the system, so that when levels are low the resource manager can re-stock. This would prevent low stock levels, and people taking stock unauthorised. The regent could also provide their staff with training, in order for them to effectively use this stock taking system. This will help the regent as they can become wiser as to the ordering of stock, for example, this could prevent them for over ordering, this would help them towards their aim of reducing their budget from the council.

Hemp and pulley This is the name given to the mechanism to use to lift up and down the lighting rig above the stage. The lighting rig must only hold 6 ton this is because if it holds anymore it may break. If The Regent has a celebrity or anyone on the stage at the time it breaks this will not bee good Public Relations for them. It is recommended that The Regent update this system to be electronic. This will enable them to rise and lower the lighting rigs more quickly, therefore increasing productivity, this is very important in the theatrical industry, as they have to work tight deadlines and only have a small amount of time to set up the lighting, it is currently hard work raising and lowering the lighting rig manually, it is also very time consuming.

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Also this will help The Regent come in line with current legislation, for example LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) 1998. By using an electric motor to operate the hemp and pulley system this will also result in staff being more satisfied and can lead to better staff retention. This will benefit the regent financially, specifically given as they have to reduce their costs by 30% to £175, 000. Overall By making the hemp and pully electronic it will improve the physical resources and will result in prevent accidents, bringing the regent in-line with current health and safety regulations and also benefit staff retention.

Stage There are a number of problems with the stage that render it not fit-for-purpose. Initially, the stage is not a sufficient size for the scale of shows that are performed there. The regent is capable of holding 1, 551 people, the types of performances that are there are relatively big, and require a substantial stage. A bigger stage is also important as it is too small to keep the scenery on it, therefore they have to keep it outside, and rotate it around in the interval of acts through the production doors, this is bad during the winter months particularly, mainly because the scenery can get damaged in the harsh weather, and also the cold gets in through the production doors and lowers the temperature of the auditorium, this does not affect the public as they are there at their own accord, however the staff are told where to work, and a temperature of at least 16C, this is stated under Thermal Comfort in the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations of 1992.

Secondly the stage is not fit-for-purpose as the back of the stage is not straight, it is curved, and this is a problem for the production companies since all of their stage plans are the same for every location. This means that when they come to a location, such as The Regent, they have problems with things such as scenery. At present the regent deals with this situation by forewarning the production companies of this. Ideally the recommended solution to this would be to refurbish and expand the stage. This would improve the physical resources of the regent, making the building more fit-for-purpose.

If the companies fixed the stage in these ways it would improve efficiency and effectiveness of physical resources resulting in production companies being interested in their performers and artists using the regent as a venue. This would result in The Regent satisfying customers and the local community. This is because the regent will be bringing higher listed celebrities to Ipswich, this would lead to repeat business, and a surplus in profit. The cost of the renovation of the stage is at an estimated £9-10 million, this would be at the expense of Ipswich Borough Council, it is very unlikely that The Regent would be able to receive the funds from IBC, a solution to this could be that they complete the work in phases, therefore spreading the cost over time, this will enable them to manage the financing solution.

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